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Net Send Command

Posted By: bnhshallow

Net Send Command - 12/15/02 07:13 PM

Hey everybody. I got a question. with the msdos command "net send", can this be used for out-of-network communications between computers? I can talk to others on my network with the command, but when i try it on other IP addresses out side of the network, it says that the alias couldnt be found. Also I have win2000. Thanks
Posted By: BlackSpider

Re: Net Send Command - 12/15/02 07:18 PM

I don't believe it can be sent outside of the system. Net Send "Computer" "Message" is for inside network systems. Thats all I think...not to sure though...
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Net Send Command - 12/15/02 07:19 PM

yes it can be used for other computers outside your local network. i believe net send does not work on win98 or anything earlier, so that could cause a problem. also, netsend won't work if there is a firewall in place.

i have successfully talked to neo over net send before.
Posted By: BlackSpider

Re: Net Send Command - 12/15/02 07:49 PM

But isn't Net Send only inside a network system...?
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Net Send Command - 12/15/02 07:52 PM

Hello bnhshallow, welcome to UGN.

Just so that you know, we have covered this topic a few times already. One thing you should do before you ask a question is quickly take a look at some of the older posts to see if you're question has already been answered. I think we've covered net send a few times now, and really, it's not that great a thing. But that notwithstanding, read through this thread:;f=3;t=000178

That should answer just about everything you want to know. If not, I'm sure there is a few more threads on net send lurking around. It does seem to be a popular topic.

Posted By: bnhshallow

Re: Net Send Command - 12/15/02 08:38 PM

Sorry for bringing it back up then lol. Actualy ive been looking at alot of the older post on the site (after seeing a few other newbies getting flamed, i thought i had better read a bit more before i posted) and i believe that i've seen that post that you gave me the link to already, thats probably where i heard of netsend. My problem is that i can't figure out how to send a message to someone outside of my LAN and i cant seem to find the info on how to do so on any of the other post (If i have, i must not have understood something with it). Im trying not to be the typical newbie (come in and expect all the awnsers to be given to me) but searching google didnt really give me and good info either, thats why I posted. Thanks for you guys time.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Net Send Command - 12/15/02 08:50 PM

To send something outside of your network you use the same syntax as for inside your netowrk, which was:

net send <ip> <message>

But in order for this to work the receiving computer must have windows messenger (not msn messenger) turned on. Windows 3.1, 95, 98, and ME DO NOT have this feature available. So no matter what you do, a box running any of those OS's can not receive a net send message. If you're gonnna send a message over the internet make sure you use the IP address of the computer you're sending too as opposed to the network name. Also, something like a firewall between you could stop the message going through.

Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Net Send Command - 12/15/02 09:08 PM

hum, that all sounds familiar, /me peers at my earlier post. i believe you can download something for win98 and before that will allow it to recieve net send messages.
Posted By: bnhshallow

Re: Net Send Command - 12/15/02 10:51 PM

Ive seen that post. Like backslash said, there is a way to netsend people without XP/2k/NT (mess95.exe) but that wasnt my problem. What i have been asking is, is it possible to message someone outside of my network. Thank you for awnsering that.
I posted on the forum because i didnt know if that information that you just quoted worked since I tried to netsend a person with an XP outside of my LAN and it said "The message alias could not be found on the network".
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Net Send Command - 12/16/02 06:00 AM

net send isn't just within your network. All you have to do is type
net send ip message

When you get the alias cannot be found error, they don't have NetBIOS installed, so it can't send it to them. That's all it is. net send works exactly the way it is regardless of whether the destination IP sits on the local network or an outside network.
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Net Send Command - 12/16/02 10:49 AM

correct pergesu..

but if you're in a LAN.. if you know the host name

for example you're COMP1 and you wanna send a msg to COMP2 then you just type.

net send COMP2 "message"

or if you want to send a msg to every host in the network.. to all the computers.

then use this:

net send * "message"

Posted By: Infinite

Re: Net Send Command - 12/16/02 07:42 PM

omg, someone please lock this retarded thread now. If I have to read one more repeat of the same damn info because some friggin n00bs can't figure it out I'm gonna go postal in here.
Posted By: bnhshallow

Re: Net Send Command - 12/16/02 08:10 PM

Thanks Pergesu and black^pimp. Infinite, If you dont want to read questions from newbies, just stay away from the newbie section. Like I said, im sorry that I had to bring this topic up again, but I have already explained why I posted in the first place. Other than a few people, This place is really great, I have learned alot from this forum over the last few days by just reading what others have posted.
I intend to keep a low profile from now on and keep reading so I dont commit another sin of asking people to repeat info. Thanks alot all you guys.
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Net Send Command - 12/16/02 08:30 PM

Infinite c'mon, we need to help each other as much as we can, don't act like that, think of the time when you were a friggin n00b as you say... you prolly wouldn't like to be treated that way, so please.. have some mercy.

btw bnhshallow it's nice to know that we were albe to help you to gain knowledge.. anytime.

don't forget..



Posted By: Infinite

Re: Net Send Command - 12/16/02 09:43 PM

/me growls

OK, listen up. I'm really sick of this now.

bnhshallow, you ungrateful puke. Who the hell do you think you are? I'm one of the most active posters in this forum. I answer every question I know the answer too, and lots of times I look [censored] up if I don't. I give you a resource to look through to try and help you, and I even wrote out a post explaing it for you and you have the nerve to talk [censored]? Fine, [censored] you pal. Don't ask me for [censored] again. You get no more help from me, understand?

My point was that Blackspider, Backslash, myself, pergesu AND black^Pimp all have re-posted the exact same info, and that is what was making this thread retared. There is almost nothing more to be added, and the posts are redundant. Read this whole trhead from start to finish, it 2 posts repeated over and over.

The next time anyone feels like lecturing me on the finer points of the newbie forum go look at my previous posts. I answer a hell of a lot more stupid questions than the amount of times I ever say [censored] to someone.

And btw, feel free to kiss my [censored] too.

Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Net Send Command - 12/16/02 09:48 PM

well said infinite. bnhshallow, your question was can you use net send to talk to computers that are not on your lan, i answered that in the third post down. blackpimp, even mercy has a limit, when the answer has been repeated five times and bnhshallow still can't understand.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Net Send Command - 12/16/02 11:29 PM

lets make sum mod of this forum.

It is true. 'net send' isnt exactly rocket science how long does this thread need to be? Im glad everyone wants to demonstrate their l33t knowledge of netsend but if someone has already answered the question why do people feel it nessecary to reiterate the same thing over and over. Inf is trying to help you, if you dont like the help you recieve here than dont [censored] ask for it.
Posted By: bnhshallow

Re: Net Send Command - 12/17/02 12:17 AM

Ok Infinite, man im sorry. I would like to build up relationships with people on UGN instead of getting on bad terms with everyone. Im not kissing anybodies [censored] but I really do appreciate that all of you guys are nice enough to share information (over and over) with people that just want an awnser to a question, and not knowledge.

Isnt it true that alot (if not most) newbies come and get membership to the UGN forum just to get an awnser to a question? Not really gain any knowledge? Thats what ive noticed on alot of boards like this one. I dont know how you guys put up with some of the people that come and post "How do I hack into Hotmail", or "How do i hack a website". Its perfectly logical for any one of you guys to respond to my post or any other dumb n00b post like infinate did.

Thanks black^Pimp, Blackspider, Backslash, Infinite, and pergesu for your help.
Posted By: BlackSpider

Re: Net Send Command - 12/17/02 04:31 AM

It's true that some newbies post stuff like "How I Hack Hotmail" and "Hacking A Domain."

I think the point that Infinite was trying to make though was that you shouldn't have reposted a topic that was previous posted as a topic. You should look in the past threads to see if this was posted and if it was don't posted it again, if you can't see it, go ahead and post. Some members might not like repeated threads. I don't care if one is repeated, but some don't. So, maybe next time look to see if it was previously posted.

Oh yah if you still want more information on a topic, that was posted already. Post a reply in that topic or IM someone who posted in that topic for the info.

- Someone who wants to learn to "hack" hotmail or a domain. I think is really missed. Esecpially like NNW Hackers, hacking, they ruined my 92 file subdomain, that I was using since my domain doesn't support PHP. The Newbies that post crap like this, will simpley be insulted, topic might and probably be locked, and depending how Gizmo-Curse feels he/she might be banned or not.
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: Net Send Command - 12/17/02 04:50 AM

ohhhh! can i kiss your [censored]?? please??? hehehehe
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: Net Send Command - 12/17/02 10:40 AM

Infinite i agree with you, the posts were repeated somehow.. but this is a god damn discussion forum and everyone can post whatever he/she wants. BS i also agree with you that mercy has limits, but bnhshallow was being nice that's why i really wanted him to get what he was asking.
and btw BlackSpider that was a very very good post. All the best.

anywy [censored] all this..
Posted By: Curse

Re: Net Send Command - 12/18/02 05:07 AM

Infinite is right...
Posted By: unreal

Re: Net Send Command - 12/19/02 12:44 AM

How is this net send related? Hmm...
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