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Posted By: littleman

hyperterminal - 11/29/05 07:29 AM

ok i kno this has probally been anwsered alot but how do you login to hyperterminal? i googleed it but with no results on logging in
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: hyperterminal - 11/29/05 08:16 AM

Hyperterminal is a standard telnet/dialup system, your remote host will request a login to which you will comply...

User: dingelberry
Pass: ********
Posted By: quicksilver

Re: hyperterminal - 11/29/05 08:33 PM

Hi, I am a fairly old member of this board who never posts; however, after talking to Gizmo about low site traffic, I decided to read through a few posts and perhaps respond to something.

Littleman, I have read a few of your posts and want to make the following suggestion. Stop trying to learn about computers right now and buy a book on basic English grammar. While this may seem like merely an insult, I assure you that it is sound advice if you are to progress in your learning (in the realm of computer science or anything else). To learn about the various topics you have posted questions about requires a copious amount of very technical reading. Further, to discuss such topics with others will require the ability to clearly relate that highly technical material.

More importantly, the study of language will arm you with a broader set of the analytical tools that are needed to develop any real creative programming skill. Language, like programming, requires a acute understanding of both syntax and context. Beyond language, you may want to study math. I am going to make an assumption that your High School has failed you and that your math skills are somewhat on par with your language skills. I will not explain why math is important because it ought to be self-evident.

I am not sure if they still are here, but you may want to search for some of my very old posts (those around or before 2000 or so). You will see that in the days in which I wrote poorly I also knew absolutely nothing about computers. This correlation is not a coincidence. Trust me.

If you would like recommendations for things to read feel free to drop in IRC and ask me. Further, if you do end up learning perl (as I believe was suggested to you in another thread) I would be more than willing to answer questions concerning problems you may run into.
Posted By: littleman

Re: hyperterminal - 11/29/05 11:41 PM

Ok, sorry for not using proper english grammer all of the time. Most of the time when I go on I am time pressured so i have to type fast and to the point. But yes i am in high school, but no my math skills are good enough for a sophmore. I am in Algebra2/trig honors. Just wondering though what books would be worth getting and reading through and what sort of thin can you do in perl? Also, where is IRC? I know that this may seem like a noob question and it is so I am sorry.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: hyperterminal - 11/30/05 12:25 AM

Quickie, they aren't here; though I do have an archive of crap prior to my acquizition that I could throw together; we where planning on restoring some old posts but just never got around to it.

Littleman, if you go to the main site you'll see "Chat", take a guess where IRC is...

Myself, I would go for PHP vs Perl, but to each their own; your best bet is books; we have a long list of recommended reading on the General/Off Topic forums.
Posted By: littleman

Re: hyperterminal - 11/30/05 06:35 AM

ok thank you, I'll look into that
Posted By: littleman

Re: hyperterminal - 12/03/05 06:19 AM

i would just like to post an excerp from jollly rogers anarchist cookbook

89. Remote Informer Issue #2 by Tracker, Norman Bates, and Ye Cap'n

Raggers and Braggers
This section is to make you aware of well-known raggers and braggers. Since this is the first time this section is being printed, we will tell you what classifies people as raggers and braggers. In the future issues the top raggers and braggers will be listed in this newsletter to let the SysOps know who not to let on their board, or to atleast keep an eye on. A ragger is someone who will put someone else down for something. The person might post a message asking a novice question about hacking and phreaking, or may say something that is completely wrong, and a ragger will put the other person down for he said, posted, etc. The ones that usually classify in this category are the ones that think they know it all and consider themselves right no matter what anyone says.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: hyperterminal - 12/03/05 12:04 PM

Originally posted by littleman:
i would just like to post an excerp from jollly rogers anarchist cookbook
20 year old text documents are outdated, 99% of the information contained within is no longer acurate (the 1% being the explosive section however most of the items needed are not available).

This will be the last time I will say this, stop quoting and living by 20 year old documents; it's no good for anyone and it proves that you're a [censored] mornon for not being able to think for yourself.

If you'd like to read more outdated text documents which will get you absolutely no-where I direct you to our text archive or even
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