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****it it's my conf!

Posted By: Clopsicle

****it it's my conf! - 05/16/02 11:29 PM

OKay so you dial 1-877-994-0440 and it'll come up saying "We're sorry, your call cannont be completed as dialed" twice.... and then it'll give you a busy signal. Now if you just hold your horses. It'll throw you right onto a voice bridge! I hope to see you all there. The # is a toll free #. And if you want to remain completely annonymous. Just call the operator and tell her to dial the # for you saying you're visually impared. ---CLOPS
Posted By: Crime

Re: ****it it's my conf! - 05/16/02 11:33 PM

you little mother ****er ! i moved this to phreaking, i sware to god, if you dont start posting in the right fourm you will be killed, understand ?
Posted By: Clopsicle

Re: ****it it's my conf! - 05/16/02 11:38 PM

Well it was posted in general. And how can you say it's not general. True or false do hackers and phreakers go on this? Then you better double move the thread. Unless it's just general bridge info.

Posted By: Crime

Re: ****it it's my conf! - 05/16/02 11:48 PM

moron, any fone system **** goes in phreaking, and dont question my authority
Posted By: Curse

Re: ****it it's my conf! - 05/17/02 12:00 AM

Hey Clopsicle, I was serious with what I said on your answering device...
Posted By: Defcon

Re: ****it it's my conf! - 05/17/02 12:02 AM

Nice Voice Mailbox...
oh and on this forum, don't question Crimes authority, question his existance wink
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ****it it's my conf! - 05/17/02 12:10 AM

nice to know clops has an acct :x
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: ****it it's my conf! - 05/17/02 06:47 PM

I think I just had a heart attack... I dial wait yadada.. I hear a human go hello I was like oh uhhh *ding puts phone down*... Whatever is said by forum modz goes... Like flying dogs should be in n00b f0rum.
Posted By: Dartur

Re: ****it it's my conf! - 05/17/02 07:25 PM

c'mon guys easy down a bit oki?

Clopsicle will prolly get paid if you dial that number laugh


but this shoulda been under phreaking...

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