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messaging in dos

Posted By: Moffesto

messaging in dos - 11/20/02 03:42 AM

i was wondering how to talk between computers in msdos on winxp. They teacher said he used to let students do it till it got out of hand and then he said if anyone does it now they will b kicked out of the class. I just wanted to know how to do it smile
Posted By: unreal

Re: messaging in dos - 11/20/02 05:32 AM

"net send <computer> <message>"
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: messaging in dos - 11/20/02 03:27 PM

computer = IP/domain/computer name
Posted By: AlienTerror

Re: messaging in dos - 11/20/02 06:38 PM

you can also use a commando in autoexec.bat so it spamms like 1mmsg per sek or faster....

(have forgotten the code*temporarily*)
Posted By: Asteos

Re: messaging in dos - 11/27/02 09:25 PM

... reminds me of when I used to talk to teachers over the school network (novell). Some of them were so computer-illiterate they didn't even know anyone was trying to talk to them.
Posted By: Nem2k

Re: messaging in dos - 11/30/02 05:04 AM

I want to test it at school, is the command "net" installed on Windows 98 ?
If so, can i actually send msgs with it ?
Posted By: Infinite

Re: messaging in dos - 11/30/02 07:11 AM

No, it is not installed on 98. NT/2K/XP only. But if you are on one of those OS's then you can msg people no problem. Assuming messenger (no, not msn messenger) is turned on, which it is by default, then you can pop a window up right in the middle of someone's screen. unreal and SilentRage posted how to use it above.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: messaging in dos - 12/01/02 05:38 AM

When I ran my site on my own box, I would look at the logs and see all these attempts for IIS exploits. So I'd look at the IP and send em a message. Good fun...
Posted By: BlackSpider

Re: messaging in dos - 12/11/02 12:19 AM

its bascially like unreal said:
net send "computer id" "your content"
Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: messaging in dos - 04/01/04 09:29 PM

I know of the command net send but I didnt know that you could send it to everyone on the network.
When I tried: net send * (message), it only sent it to my domain (mshome), is there a way I can send it to all domains. The dos program did say the correct syntax for the command but i dont think i got it right.
Any help would be appreciated.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: messaging in dos - 04/02/04 07:49 AM

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\>net send /?
The syntax of this command is:

{name | * | /DOMAIN[:name] | /USERS} message
Posted By: weeve

Re: messaging in dos - 04/02/04 09:48 AM

Go John, smile If you hadn't, I would've:D
Posted By: MESELF

Re: messaging in dos - 04/25/04 03:50 AM

hahaha. net send is fun. i did it at my school for the domain and sent a message to every computer in the school including the headmaster's. lol. techs should have had it blocked (now it is).
Posted By: ratchet

Re: messaging in dos - 06/13/04 09:52 PM

when i try net send there always come`s something like The message alias could not be found on the network.
Posted By: champatram

Re: messaging in dos - 08/29/04 02:52 AM

What is the net send equivalent in *nix.
I need it badly.
Posted By: Ice

Re: messaging in dos - 09/10/04 06:43 PM

Ya net send is fun :]
Used to use it all the time in high school
Posted By: KronoS

Re: messaging in dos - 11/09/04 12:28 PM

is there a diff between command prompt and dos?
I was wondering how you use dos to hack
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: messaging in dos - 11/09/04 12:58 PM

Dos is an operating system, early versions of Windows where a program which ran on top of Dos (1.x - 98); Dos is now integrated into Windows (ME+).

You cannot use an operating system to hack; you can use programs to use to aid in "hacking".

For note, command prompt is the same as the command line, and no you cannot use dos to hack.
Posted By: ramlambmoo

Re: messaging in dos - 11/14/04 11:47 PM

I was wondering if it is possilbe to send a net message to people that are not on your tcp/ip network but over the internet using net send, providing you know their ip address? I can get net send to work on my own comptuer, but when i tried replacing the name of my computer with my ip address it says the message alias cannot be found on the network. Any help ywould be appriciated.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: messaging in dos - 11/15/04 02:05 AM


c:\>net send


c:\>net send localhost

and yes it can work over the internet. Just get your friend to do a


He will get something like this

Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection:

     Connection-specific DNS Suffix . .:your.isp.con
     IP Address . . . . . . . . .:
     Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . :
     Default Gateway . . . . . . :
Tell him to give you the IP address. Now this will only work if they are on XP, 2000 or NT4

It must be an NTFS system or you have to install "Net Send".
Posted By: sinetific

Re: messaging in dos - 11/15/04 04:06 PM

I set up something to log connection attempts on my home computer and would attempt to connect from friends houses really quickly, that way when I went home I would netsend them messages and they would get freaked out or pissed off because it will knock you out of a video game since the net sent message goes to the front window...
Posted By: §intå×

Re: messaging in dos - 11/17/04 02:13 AM

yea it is a pain in the [censored]
Posted By: Moffesto II

Re: messaging in dos - 06/30/05 02:24 PM

I was messing around on my wireless network at home and could not get the net send command to work.

"the message alias could not be found on network"

but i do it all the time at school... there are also no firewalls running on any machines, just the router.
Posted By: Moffesto II

Re: messaging in dos - 06/30/05 02:39 PM

never mind actually, found the answer to my problem... enabling the messaging service in admin tools.
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