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Dual [email protected]@ting linux and windows

Posted By: wrrush

Dual [email protected]@ting linux and windows - 09/22/03 11:07 PM

i am currently running linux and windows on my comp right now but when i boot up the computer set linux as the default OS, I dont mind booting straight into linux but since its a family computer i was wondering how to set the default OS to boot into DOS, i have looked all over but the code to change the default does not work in my red had bc it says i do not have access which i believe is complete crap the boot file in linux has a red circle with a white "x" on it not allowing me to access it, just wondering if i can change the default OS through windows or linux and how to change it thank
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Dual [email protected]@ting linux and windows - 09/23/03 01:21 AM

You need root privledges to edit system files.
Either log into to Xwindows as root or open a command prompt and type "su" then your root password once your prompted for it. And I don't think you want to edit the boot file. What distro are you running? your bootloader is either lilo or grub.
If it's lilo edit /etc/lilo.conf then when your done run the command "lilo" if it's grub edit /boot/grub.conf If you need more help feel free to post.

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