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so i have some ports

Posted By: SEC Surtr

so i have some ports - 08/17/03 12:43 PM

My freind and I are learning about computers right now and I found some open ports on his computer (particularly 1214-kazaa i believe) but anyways I've alot referring to using these ports for fun stuff but I can't find anything specific enough-maybe I have'nt read enough or something but i have been reading alot- but anyways does anyone have some stuff to do when you find open ports?
Posted By: sinetific

Re: so i have some ports - 08/17/03 07:47 PM

for kazaa, open up your web browser and type in http://<his ip address>:1214
example this works for anyone running kazaa with out a firewall.
Posted By: Scalli0n

Re: so i have some ports - 08/18/03 04:11 AM

Read almost every page linked off this page:

And you will:
a) Learn about ports
b) Learn how to have fun with them
and finally
c) Answer about the next 40 questions you would probably have asked.

And PS, install FreeBSD/Linux and all the fun will be easier and more enjoyable!
Posted By: SEC Surtr

Re: so i have some ports - 08/19/03 02:59 AM

cool and thx for the help
Posted By: Ice

Re: so i have some ports - 08/29/03 11:27 AM

heres another great link i found
It lists the port, the Vulnerabilities and the attacks that are used for that port.

heres the link :

Theres a little box at the top left corner where u can put the port # you want the info about
Posted By: paradox

Re: so i have some ports - 08/31/03 06:18 PM

If you want to find out what program is running the port check out (atstakes)-fport
It will link every program that binds a port to the port
A lil snippet from my box shocked
"660 svchost -> 135 UDP C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe
4 System -> 445 UDP
704 svchost -> 500 UDP C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe"
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