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Telnet help

Posted By: vendicate

Telnet help - 02/22/03 05:15 AM

Hi recently I tried to use telnet but the instructions given on one of the posts were of little help.
I open the telnet screen and I cant type anything so i go up and click connect. A box comes up and asks me for the host-I put
But then it asks me for a port:telnet, daytime, echo, qotd, chargen (that is the part I don't know)
It also asks for the term type:vt100, ansi, DEC-vt100, VT100, ANSI
What should i do?
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Telnet help - 02/22/03 06:03 AM

When you make a connection to a remote computer you need two things, an IP address and a port. Think of a port as one door of many doors on a computer. There are 65536 ports to be exact, but you can't use 0. On the other side of each door is a service waiting to answer the bell. When you connect you need to specify what door it is that you want to knock on. Now, go look through this:

That is a list of ports and the variuos programs that may or may not be listening on a given port. You should memorize the first 100 for sure, others you will just come to know after a while.

So... Back to your question, telnet lives on port 23. But telnet is a very versitile client. You can use it to connect to a webserver (port 80) and look at webpages in their raw format, you can connect to irc (port 6667) and chat with people, you can connect to smtp (25) and send emails... The list goes on and on.

Now as far the term type goes, that means terminal type. Way back in the day the way things were done a lot was to have a mainframe computer with what's called dumb terminals attached to it that people used to do their work. These dumb terminals were basically just a screen, a keyboard and a wire coming out the back into the wall to the mainframe. And just to keep it interesting there is of course more than one type of dumb terminal. Since the finer points of the differences are prolly not something you care about, or me for that matter, just use vt100 and be done with it. If you really are that curiious then go to google and search for em.

And just for note, Yahoo is not going to take to kindly to you using there server to mess atound on. You might want to try and find a server of someone you know who will let you play around.

Posted By: sinetific

Re: Telnet help - 02/22/03 06:23 AM

uses DOS telnet its just as good as any program you can find, but for that program:
to find out what ports are what go here
telnet is 23 (for telnet servers)
echo is 7 (echos back what you send)
daytime is 13 (gives the time and date)
qotd is 17 (a qoute)
chargen is 19 (generates random characters)

for your terminal vt100 is more than adequate.

anyways your not gonna get that much out of telenting into yahoo if your able to using you program specify port 80 and connect to yahoo, then type:
that will give you the http data(html) from the webserver.
If not go into DOS and type:
C:\>telnet 80
and then give the same command to get the same results.
Telnet is pretty raw it establishes a connection. Then whatever you type in is what it sends. Thats why it is easy to to hand communications with simple servers try telneting to some open SMTP server.
C:\>telnet 25 -- Server ESMTP ("Comcast Messaging System - 02")
220 Unsolicted bulk mail prohibited; spammers will be prosecuted

you'll get a message like that but its ok, your not a spammer. Just type help to get a list of available commands.

Telnet is mainly used as a terminal to connect to UNIX machines. Find a free shell provider and learn how to use UNIX commands.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Telnet help - 02/22/03 12:34 PM

Find a free shell provider and learn how to use UNIX commands.

Might have to look a while for that. You might want to get linux and learn some *nix commands. At least you can count on that being there when you want to use it. Not to many ISP's offer free shells any more.
Posted By: Shadow2006

Re: Telnet help - 06/19/03 08:21 PM

you can use telnet to go straight into a computer if you know the ip right or is it not used for that?
Posted By: dashocker

Re: Telnet help - 06/20/03 12:23 AM

You can't go "into" a computer. Certain programs "listen" on certain ports. If you would read the other posts more carefully you would see that. The lists that were provided show what services are usually listening on what port. It's not set in stone, it's just usually done that way. The point is, if a port is open, you need the proper client to connect. Telnet will not always work. It is NOT possible to connect directly to the persons computer via telnet and see an exact copy of their screen, data, etc. as you might expect. All you really do is connect to software programs via telnet, not the actual OS itself.
Posted By: Ice

Re: Telnet help - 06/20/03 01:45 AM

hey inf thanks for that port link, i was looking for one but the best one i found was this one

anyways thanks for the link
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