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archives - 10/20/03 08:49 AM

recently ppl have been saying to newbies to download stuff to help them begin the world of hacking and since im a newbie i thought i would check it out.thinking the website was good i went to the archives and downloaded a tool called hacktool but as soon as it downloaded i had to get rid of it because it gave me a virus.Since i was a newbie but new how to get rid of it.imagine someone who is completely new to the computer and doesnt know how to get rid of it ,it will wreck there computer they shouldnt download anything until your completely sure that its trust worthy
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Re: archives - 10/20/03 09:26 AM

To clarify, we haven't told ppl to download a program to begin hacking. We have told them to read and learn.

However, if they ask a specific question that may deal with a type of hacking, we generally refer to a tool. Now, is a PoS site. You have to get a feeling for what sites are trustworthy. With a topic such as malicious hacking, of course, the chance of illegit sites are more common. Just use the resources that we explicitly name, and even then make sure to only use the reputable sites.
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Re: archives - 10/20/03 11:31 AM

k soz
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Re: archives - 10/20/03 07:14 PM

and be sure to have a virus scanner lol..
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Re: archives - 10/23/03 08:27 PM

thats wat told me i had the virus it must have been like a virus attached to an add or somin cause i scanned and it said there was a infected file but i scanned once more and it was gone
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Re: archives - 10/24/03 12:36 AM

A few years ago I wrote a couple of programs in Visual Basic and I named them Hotmail hacker and AIM hacker and everytime somebody would ask how to hack hotmail or their friends AIM accounts I told them to download those tools. Once they started the programs and entered the email or AIM name to hack the screen turns black and give them a message of "READ!!!" in big red letters. And thats all it did but it would have been really easy to make them do something malicius or attach a trojan to them. My point being, don't look for tools that do that hacking for you. All the good tools out there will help you scan a host and find out everything about, it's up to you to know what to do with that information. The best websites to get tools from are sites like, and other big security websites. If you go to and download a tool called "hotmail hacker" you shouldn't even complain if it makes ur puter blow up.
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Re: archives - 10/24/03 07:03 PM

k thanks for that ?
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