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Posted By: Unbro9

Wifi - 10/03/08 03:32 AM

So, I live in an apartment complex, and I have a notebook that I use to do my homework. Currently, I don't have my own network, so I have been accessing my neighbors, but lately my connection hasn't been good

I was wondering if I could go to radio shack and buy some kind "usb antenna" or do I need a cantenna or a biquad antenna?

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Wifi - 10/03/08 05:02 AM

Well, cantenna's are great, but keep in mind, you have to send AND recieve a signal, so it'd be like shouting through a bullhorn accross a football field and expecting to hear someone whispering back from the other end...

There are some ways to get a better signal; but sme of the best would be your neighbors upgrading their antenna's from the stock "duck" antenna's that come with their router...

Though, I'd suspect you're not exactly legal in your ISP acquization, so I doubt you'll be able to do that lol...
Posted By: Unbro9

Re: Wifi - 10/05/08 11:43 PM

Well, i friend of mine, told me I could spend about a $100.00 and go to "bestbuy" and get an antenna that's called a bridge it has a "ubs connection". And basically you set it in your window and it will strength you internal wifi locator in the notebook.
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