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Perhaps a stupid question

Posted By: Testing

Perhaps a stupid question - 12/23/09 10:25 AM

I subscribe to a service that many others subscribe too as well. I receive emails that let me accept orders. Everyone gets sent the emails at the same time and whoever accepts the orders first gets the business.

I need to write a program that will accept the order automatically as soon as it is received. So it will have to follow the link from the email that I receive onto there site and accept the order.

I guess the problem is that someone has written these "bots" (forgive me if my terms are wrong), and I have been paying for a year of this service. I have yet to get a single order because I keep getting beat on the accept times.

Anyways that is what I plan on doing. I plan on doing it in python. Any advice or direction?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Perhaps a stupid question - 12/23/09 10:27 AM

Lol, do we get a cut? :P
Posted By: Testing

Re: Perhaps a stupid question - 12/23/09 11:42 PM

Absolutely. A compensation model is certainly up for discussion! Each order has about 3 hrs work involved for a value of 40 bucks. I figure a few bucks per lead accepted could be done.

Dunno but I am not against what is being proposed as a joke! LOL.

Direction is appreciated!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Perhaps a stupid question - 12/25/09 01:33 AM

I'll try to see if Neo is interested later when I talk with him...

Seems that all one would really need would be a program capable of monitoring a pop3/imap mail server, and then "clicking" a link contained within a message...
Posted By: ninjaneo

Re: Perhaps a stupid question - 12/28/09 11:52 PM

I think you're involved in a pyramid scheme. I have been duked by such models before, and the chances are you won't get any money at all. See netbux or freeipod. I can help you write a script, but I'd need to know how you are sent these invitations, and then it would be a simple matter of parsing out the url, higher languages like python have libraries for doing all this, so the hard part is pretty much done by the time you start programming.
Posted By: Testing

Re: Perhaps a stupid question - 12/31/09 02:30 PM

I can see how one may think that. However no its not a pyramid. Unfortunately I still have to do the work! I want to do the work! I just keep getting out clicked so to say.

currently the invites are sent to my google account. I use outlook to then monitor hte google account.

I can however (if it makes it simpler) have them sent to any email address I choose.

Posted By: ninjaneo

Re: Perhaps a stupid question - 01/05/10 02:46 AM

Well I'm sure someone else is doing this too, but you can try your luck.

First, you need to go into the settings of your gmail account and allow for POP3 access to your messages. You should also make sure you have it configured to "leave messages on server" when they're downloaded, otherwise reading them will delete them.

Check out poplib for retrieving the messages.

You'll need to iterate through the messages, perform some match against the subject line/message body. Parse it for the url, and then you can use httplib.

Posted By: Testing

Re: Perhaps a stupid question - 01/07/10 03:45 AM

You have just given me direction!!! THANK YOU.

I took a pic of the code displayed when I hover over the accept button in the email. I would post it but I don't know how to post a pic on this forum.

I am so slow at this stuff. Thank you!
Posted By: ninjaneo

Re: Perhaps a stupid question - 01/07/10 11:39 PM

No problem, if you have trouble feel free to ask. As for pics, you can use website such as TinyPic to upload pictures and then just either post a link or i think its
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