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Posted By: Drake

FTSRV/sftsrv - 11/13/03 05:57 PM

My college has blocked us from downloading music through kazaa (I live in the dorms and connect through a LAN). I think they did it by blocking the port. Kazaa's default port is 1359 which is an ftsrv port. (sorry if this is the wrong lingo) I figured if I changed it, I could download still. I changed it to 1303 which is an sftsrv port. The protocol is the same (i just compared them, i don't actually know what that means), the only thing different is that little s in front of 1303. I did that and it still doesn't download. It can search on either of the ports and it finds the files, it just won't connect and download. Any suggestions?
Posted By: paradox

Re: FTSRV/sftsrv - 11/13/03 06:56 PM

yeah use a different p2p..they probably blocked all incoming from a range kazaa normall downloads in the 50,000 or something stupid like that you can change the range and see if that works.. dont ask how look it up laugh
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