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Gaining admin access

Posted By: sorewinner

Gaining admin access - 08/29/03 11:03 PM

So my university just disabled printing multiple pages per sheet (greedy bastards ...) They de-selected "advanced printing options" in the printer properties. As that tab is grayed-out, i can't re-enable it. I can get a command shell open (not a true dos box frown ), but (obviously) dumping the SAM isn't as simple as copy c:..... a:\, LOL. Also, the network restrictions still exist in a command shell. I noticed the admins never deleted the original SAM.LOG from the winnt\repair directory. Is that of any use? I tried using Windows's Backup utility to grab the SAM while the system's running, but not sure why it's not working. I know that there're a lot of things written about how the SAM operates, and i know some of the tools used, but I'm thinking stealing all the passwords for the network is a litttttttllee extreme to save a couple of bux (and trees, lol.) As trying to get NTFS running is a little (well, probably a lot) over my head, I'm looking for options.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Gaining admin access - 08/29/03 11:56 PM

Are you sure that the administrators disabled printing multiple pages per sheet? It's possible that the printer doesn't support that, and as a result, the print dialog doesn't allow you to check it.
Posted By: sorewinner

Re: Gaining admin access - 08/30/03 12:25 AM

"... university just disabled ..." implies pretty strongly that whatever was disabled used to be enabled, lol

So, yes, it used to be enabled.
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