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Posted By: rock

C++ - 12/02/04 09:37 PM

does anyone know a good site to learn c++ cause ive seen a couple of really crap sites and i thought you guys know what your talking about. ive learnt a bit of visual basic but its limited an my old man says C++ is alot better. one question is there any other good programmin languages.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: C++ - 12/03/04 02:47 AM

Bruce Eckel wrote one of the best books for learning Java, and he wrote a C++ book first. While I haven't read it, I know it's gotta be good. Best part - he put it up online, totally free. Don't think because it's free it's not gonna be good...his stuff is top notch.

The book I learned from was C++ How to Program, by Deitel and Deitel. Great book
Posted By: res

Re: C++ - 12/03/04 10:50 PM

Thank you for the link Pergesu.
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