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Posted By: acsdan

NEWBIE GUIDE - 08/10/03 05:00 AM

Can anyone tell me a COMPLETE NEWBIE guide to hacking that isnt the beginners guide to hacking and phreaking.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: NEWBIE GUIDE - 08/10/03 05:21 AM

Ther is no such thing. The amout of info you need to learn cannot be put into a single document or book: there's too much. Just start reading everything you can about computers. Look for tutorials too, something like blacksun is a good place to look.

Posted By: acsdan

Re: NEWBIE GUIDE - 08/10/03 06:56 PM

Thankyou I will go now.
Posted By: dashocker

Re: NEWBIE GUIDE - 08/11/03 12:04 AM

RRFN is a good one, I guess (I've never actually read it). It's at But like Inf said, you can't learn from just one source or document, you need experience most of all. Judging by your other posts, it looks like you need A LOT of experience.
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