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Posted By: 1234

school - 11/08/03 12:36 PM

I want to hack my school's website but I'm not sure which ip to use. I have scanned and traced the site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: fearENKI

Re: school - 11/08/03 01:44 PM

what OS are you running, i have a little trick if your using any type of windows that should work
Posted By: HighLander

Re: school - 11/08/03 05:43 PM

Now why would you want to hack the schools website, so you want to show of to your friends (Hey guys look what I did), sorry we do not condone illegal activities....
Posted By: paradox

Re: school - 11/08/03 07:29 PM

if u want to hack soemthing you will have to learn yourself.. if you want information based on a specific question when i do 'lallaala' i get this error whats wrong? thats a better question then trying to get someones knowledge into your head.. :p no one will ever hack for you even if you pay them, so stop being a noob and learn howto be a lame kiddie and deface yourself
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: school - 11/09/03 02:58 AM

We will not teach you to hack; you don't go to a butchers and ask how to pick up chicks, so why go to a news site and ask to learn to hack?
Posted By: 1234

Re: school - 11/09/03 06:53 AM

i am running windows xp
Posted By: paradox

Re: school - 11/09/03 10:02 AM

good for you
Posted By: Disgruntled

Re: school - 11/10/03 05:49 AM

Earn your grades the right way. Don't be like the jocks, who usually have their grades handed to them.
Posted By: fearENKI

Re: school - 11/10/03 07:45 AM

im down for having my grades handed to mre
Posted By: Disgruntled

Re: school - 11/13/03 04:09 AM

In reply to FearEnki,

If everybody were just handed a passing grade then no one would be smart enough to write code, build computers, or make websites like this one.
Posted By: Ice

Re: school - 11/13/03 04:51 AM

Moderator, just close this usless Topic = )
Posted By: pergesu

Re: school - 11/13/03 05:38 AM

I'm sure UGN is a nice site because Gizmo worked really hard to get good grades in high school.

1c3, that's an incredibly good idea. Three cheers for closing the topic!
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