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Posted By: New Kid

P2P - 04/29/04 09:10 AM

I am trying to bypass the firewall at my school to use kazaa lite. Other P2P programs work, but I cant get kazaa lite to work. I think I understand what they have done to block me but i dont know how to fix it. I am sure this is a simple question for most but i am new at this hole thing. I am not expecting a detailed answer, just something to get me started. Thanks
Posted By: MESELF

Re: P2P - 04/29/04 09:24 AM

it could be that they blocked the port that kazaa uses as its default (which is like 3977 or something), so try this. options menu->options. firewall tab. change the port to 80 and/or check the box that says use port 80 as alternate if you have it. they can't have port 80 blocked i wouldn't think. just a guess.
Posted By: New Kid

Re: P2P - 04/29/04 10:08 AM

tried that, doesn't work, i have tried all differnt kinds of ports in the firewall tab they just dont work. Earlier in the year nobody's would work and by changing the ports it fix it so i think they made it a little harder this time. anymore suggestions??
Posted By: chazman

Re: P2P - 05/25/04 06:43 AM

try to do it at a local library instead of your school because they have less blocked and the librarian wonte know what you are trying to do so that is my geuss
Posted By: ShortyWolf

Re: P2P - 08/12/04 10:08 PM

Just out of curiosity, why would you want to use kazza at school? Can't you just get the files at home and bring them in on a CD?
Posted By: BuCkWeAt420

Re: P2P - 08/25/04 01:54 PM Works for me at school and like ur self kazaa/P2P software is blocked...try that it works for me :-)
Posted By: Shinobi

Re: P2P - 08/26/04 05:30 AM

Well my thinking is...Don't use kazaa if it is causing this much trouble. YOu said other p2p programs work, I'd just use them instead. It is a hard question to accuratly answer because almost all school computers are locked down in a differnt way... So... viva winmx...or whatever does work! smile
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