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down with aim spam!!!

Posted By: gaerisl

down with aim spam!!! - 10/30/03 08:02 AM

to get straight to the point- is there any way to get a person's ip from their sn over AIM without direct connecting, sending a file, etc. it's about those aim ads. ever got one of those? they're like "hey! come see my webcam at and i'm getting pissed off. perhaps if i can report spam to their isp, they'll get a warning or someting along those lines, if not just lose their account.... (is there such a law that helps me out here against spam like this?) i suppose i can just make a fake link to trick them into going to a html page that'll catch their ip's... but i don't have such html skillz yet... so... besides learning and deceiving, is there an easier way?
Posted By: pergesu

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 10/30/03 08:51 AM

nope, can't get their IP without directly connecting, or asking the person...

The web page is a good idea, and it wouldn't be hard at all to do it.
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 10/30/03 09:58 AM

i never get that sort of spam unless i'm in a chat room. solution: stay out of the chat rooms, they are nothing but people advertising their porn sites anway.
Posted By: Red Mage

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 10/30/03 10:12 AM

People will send crap to random people, it happens on Yahoo more than AIM tho..

I don't see how you could convince someone to go to your website, since they usually send messages and don't look at any that they get. Can you use pop-ups in email?
Posted By: ?

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 10/30/03 02:44 PM

you don't need any html skills. jus download a webserver and run it on ur computer, and when you get a spam message reply to it with a link to ur computer (http://whateveryouripis). if they click on it the server will have logged their IP. but you really can't do anything about the spam though. If somebody sends you a message saying "hey sexy!!" are you gonna sue them for sexual assult. It's a chat program and people use it to chat, and if somebody decides to write a text message with a link to it you really can't do nothing about that. Now, the leeto-buritto thing to do would be to hack the website they are promoting an deface it with something like "Stop with the Spam" or some [censored].
Posted By: unreal

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 10/30/03 03:48 PM

heh...l33t0 burrit0. :x
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 10/31/03 01:03 AM

If you're using aim, turn off the "allow people to search for me" through the "edit profile" option.
Posted By: fearENKI

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 11/11/03 12:51 AM

gizmo: thats the boring way to do it, im feelin the l33t0 burrit0 much more smile
Posted By: loanbanker

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 11/27/03 07:24 AM

What I dont understand about spam is this. There are ways around getting around the spam laws by harvesting emails from say lists people subscibe to.

The idea is that if I create email lists where I get peoples permission to send them something, say initially an ezine that I can then share there info with someone. That is one example of a loop where people opt in to get some spam. Then of those peope I can email my message. Ok

Fine and dandy. I am wondering this. With spam being such a huge issue as it is. Do people still "play by the rules"? Or do people say screw the "opt in" example, andsimply purchase or harvest raw email addys and spam away?

I know I get so much spam I have no idea if I signed up for something or not. At least if someone spammed me there message and it wasnt off the wall I wouldn't know I didnt give my permission.

What do you guys think?
Posted By: pergesu

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 11/27/03 04:48 PM

I once kicked a guy's [censored] for spamming me.
Posted By: loanbanker

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 11/28/03 02:26 AM

hahahha, if only we could get such opportunities more often.
Posted By: weeve

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 11/28/03 04:34 AM

smirk block all buddies not on list. kthx...problem solved. Kinda like the fcc on telemarketers asses, after a while the [censored] will find a new way to flow. Then someone will try to clog it again. The way to deal with all of this is? Take hackers out of the terrorist act, and put spammers/telemarketers in there. 80 year max jail terms for [censored] annoying me with your bullshit...heh...gah I don't wanna sound old.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 11/28/03 05:09 AM

most likely you've added info to the "allow users to search for me" when you've goen to edit your profile. go to edit your profile and be sure all screens are empty becides the profile screen, you should see things decrease sinde they can't search the aim directory for random users...
Posted By: Rigley

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 12/02/03 10:49 PM

Hey Gaerisl,
I am receiving the exact same AIM SPAM from the same website, with much more crude wording, but I'd bet it's from the same Affiliate ID, Jenny. I actually emailed back and forth with Candid Publishing, the owners of the site out of Bedford, NH, and after I provided screen shots and the spammers AIM usernames they are refusing to take action because I won't provide MY screen names! I asked them why they need my SN's and they replied, "We want your screen name so that I can pesonally IM you to see if the problem has been resolved. Either you cooperate with us or we ignore you. It's that simple." And I'm thinking, right, so you can take that one SN out of your list, or what?
This company has also been involved in, and probably still is involved in CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, and I can show proof of that, too, although I admit the latest bombardment has not been linked to that area of their website. Oh, and the way they get away with it, they email and logout. Sometimes they're only online for 20 seconds at a time, sometimes it's a whole minute, but usually not more than that.
As far as resolution, the only things I can think of besides the defacing and all, which I unfortunately am not talented enough to accomplish, would be to contact the Bedford, NH Chamber of Commerce, the BBB, and the New York Times or AP with a story on 11 year olds being solicited to porno sites while they're trying to do their homework online. I'll gladly provide all the contact info I've collected on these spammers to anyone interested.
rigtrash $ comcast dot net
Posted By: Rigley

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 12/02/03 10:54 PM

Email and logout, I meant IM and logout, probably switching screen names, but they've either got a team of them or some pretty sophisticated software. I've logged 4 screen names of AIM spammers in the last week alone. </spam rage>
Posted By: IHateSpam

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 12/07/03 12:12 PM

Hey, I'm new to this board, but I signed up because I saw this little message about candidclicks, and I swear I wanna do whatever it takes to get these stupid [fill in your favorite explative here] off the net. I get at least 4 AIM spammers a day IMing me about some candidclicks link. Its been annoying the crap out of me. It's not even the fact that their users spam people to get money per click, but mostly because this stupid company won't do anything about it! Assuming you do jump through hurdles to report these guys as candidclicks requires (send screenshot, send AIM username, send username of person that sent the spam) then its still likely that they won't terminate these people's accounts! I flat out asked them why they need MY screenname to cancel someone elses candidclicks account, and they've ignored me ever since. And yea, I could just block out all users that aren't on my buddy list, BUT WHY!?! Why should I have to go out of my way to block out people that are annoying me, and at the same time inconvenience myself by not allowing new people i've met IM me until I had them first. I just want to stop these guys. Candidclicks has been THE ONLY company that i've recieved AIM spam from in a long time, so if I can get rid of them, I get rid of my problem. Please send me any information you have about places I can complain to about this company. Thanks!!
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 12/07/03 01:36 PM

They find you morons from you listing yoru information prior to editing your profile! If you want it to STOP CLEAR THE [censored] OUT!

They find you via searching AIM for people who are dumb enough to fill the [censored] out!

Summary: fill it out and be spammed, erase it and not, don't and you're a moron.
Posted By: IHateSpam

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 12/09/03 01:33 AM

hey, screw you man. I haven't filled out that stupid AIM information listing thing EVER. I don't want some stupid little 13 year old IMing me with A/S/L. Even without this, I still manage to get spammed 3+ times a day with those damn candidclicks messages. I dunno how they get my info, but what I do know is that there's something seriously sketchy goin' on.

This is the last E-Mail I recieved from them:

>Please send in your screen name to me and i'll make SURE that the spam will
>stop. I will also instant message you from my own screen name to make sure
>everything is under control.
>My screen name is "CandidPublishing", please add it to your buddy list.

Someone tell me how giving them my screen name is gonna terminate accounts that spam me! Every time I ask, they just ignore the question. So yea, before you start insulting me about something I haven't done, know the facts.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 12/09/03 05:48 AM

Hey, kid, read the user title.

Secondly; 95% of AIM spam is because of that so [censored] YOU.

Thirdly; he got your info from you putting it somewhere, a website, a form, an AIM Form; get a clue.

If it [censored] annoys you so badly delete your damn nick and get a life; AIM isn't the world ya know... Ever try BANNING him? yeh, you're a moron.
Posted By: creeah1

Re: down with aim spam!!! - 12/14/03 09:12 PM

Actually, I've researched this issue quite a bit, because it happens to me too, and I've found that people that did send them their screen name had the spamming stop instantly.

Seriously, I'm going to email them right now, and tell them I'm an 11 year old girl, and I really dont like it.
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