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Posted By: Unbro9

Software - 12/03/06 07:41 PM

Listen, guy's I have several dvd's,movies, an music, mostly...I am not familiar with perl or c++.
I was wondering if any of you guy's new of some freeware/shareware, that could help me, sort the data.I would like to put the date in a more stuctured format.

Posted By: Digital Geek

Re: Software - 12/04/06 08:32 PM

Try Media Catalog Studio Lite 5.2

"Is your music and video file collection growing out of control, making it impossible to find anything? Fight the problem with Media Catalog Studio, a handy software application for classifying and tracking media files or CDs."

You can find it on


P.S.: [edited by Gizmo: how does doing that help others who may come here seeking the same thing?]
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Software - 12/04/06 08:54 PM

That actually looks quite neat
Posted By: Unbro9

Re: Software - 12/05/06 01:12 AM

Thanks guy,

hopefully it will do the job...
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