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Need help after formatting Laptop

Posted By: Toxic_Lemon

Need help after formatting Laptop - 12/22/03 06:57 PM

Yes its true...I am a dumbass.
I have recently formmated my Laptop and when I put windows and everthing on I managed to put all the video and sound drivers on. But for some reason when I open a video file the whole computer crashes. I have the lastest media player and everything. If I put the video performance to practically nothing it works but really pixalated.
Any ideas what can fix this (if so what site do I need to go to etc).
Posted By: AnthonyVSD

Re: Need help after formatting Laptop - 12/23/03 05:15 AM

Are you sure you installed the correct video drivers for your hardware and operating system versions? Incompatible drivers would cause the problem you're describing. If you could provide more information about your hardware configurations and operating system it would be helpful.
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