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Posted By: jonlenin

HELP - 03/27/04 04:05 AM

My grandmother's internet explorer has just freaked out. Everytime it opens it wants to send a error report, and it wont even let me see the content of the error report. I'm going to get her up on mozilla, but if any of you guys know what's up, please post, she's freakin' out at me. pray
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: HELP - 03/27/04 04:52 AM

Tell her to download the latest patches at microshaft...
Posted By: jonlenin

Re: HELP - 03/27/04 06:07 AM

but i cant download those patches till i get online, that's the problem (unless i can and i dont kknow about it in which case thank you oh mighty gizmo lord of UGN)
Posted By: Mornse

Re: HELP - 03/27/04 06:53 AM

Can you open up Windows Explorer? If you can, you can browse the web with that just like IE, just put the web address in the top bar. Also, if she's on XP, MSN Explorer should already be installed and you can get on the web with that, I don't know if it comes with other versions of windows or not. *shrugs* you can try those and see if you get any errors or not and if you don't, then do what giz said and upate IE.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: HELP - 03/27/04 07:34 AM

Put mozilla on a CD and give it to her, tell her it owns IE wink ...
Posted By: Ice

Re: HELP - 03/28/04 04:24 AM

Mozilla does own = ) But for some reason i like Konqueror.

I've had that problem before, someone probably accidently uninstalled an important compnonent that IE needs without knowing it.
Posted By: jonlenin

Re: HELP - 04/01/04 12:33 PM

Hey guys, thanks alot!
I didn't even think of the Windows Explorer thing even though i do it all of the time. confused I tried to transfer Mozilla through the wireless network I set up at her home by placing all the program files on the shared folder, but that for some reason wouldn't work, which i won't go into right now. Turns out the reason was that f***in' contextualsearch had a error in the code, had hijacked her, and then not allowed IE to boot up because of the error. It pissed me of so much that my grandmum was unable to work because of freakin' adware. Thanks again everybody smile
Posted By: weeve

Re: HELP - 04/02/04 10:14 AM

Yea, I like mozilla, more so then aol owned netscape or Internet Exploder right now. Though, most every geek has, since it's creation imo. I use it enough, but I also fall into things like my pda not being supported. What's with no pda based mozilla browser. Gimme some ARM Proc love, and I'll use it more often:) Though I do use my pda more so, now that my laptop is being a [censored] shitload more crash-y.

One problem I just noticed, in mozilla, loads into the title bar:X WTF that's about I haven't figured yet. I'm guessing it's some html error. Some different Body or Title reading mozilla does. Start code issues. Or the fact that the page has no title right now....:| I think, lol maybe if I drank less, I'd code more...I doubt it though.
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