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writing code

Posted By: intrigued

writing code - 03/18/02 12:37 PM

Hey guys I have a question. When I start to write a program I open Dos and go to the edit page right? How do I start a new line? All the programs start like this
  • program newprograml;
  • #include( "stdlib.hhf" );
  • begin newprogram;
  • stdout.put ("Do I just do a
    • ", nl);
    • end newprogram;
    • Can someone show me how to do a list in my program?
  • How do I get the proper spacing in my program? thanx intrigued
    Posted By: SilentRage

    Re: writing code - 03/18/02 01:08 PM

    stdout.put ("Line1\r\nLine2");

    If this is C you're asking a question about, that's your answer. Next time, tell us what language you are using.
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