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school's blocked ugn

Posted By: Jaspel

school's blocked ugn - 03/23/04 01:17 PM

Can anyone give me some pointers as to how i can bypass the block(from my school) on sites like ugn,, and many other essential sites? Its ligit for me to view these sights as long as i use my notebook, but everything always gets blocked. I also realise that expecting a step by step run through is unexpected i am just looking for some hints or whatever is given. :rolleyes:
I will post a link next time i go on their' network of the blocked notice, if thats any help.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: school's blocked ugn - 03/23/04 02:04 PM

try: although you'll have to do some rewriting for the BBS url's if it works as the BBS uses to load data...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: school's blocked ugn - 03/23/04 02:05 PM

Also, can you get to from there?
Posted By: Ghost

Re: school's blocked ugn - 03/23/04 06:49 PM

Jaspel, maybe try using https instead of http. My school has tons and tons of sites blocked , but any site that has https(http over ssl) is easily viewed. They seemed to have only configured their filters to block things on port 80, so you may see if your school did the same. To do it, try and if they dont have their filters configured to block things with https then you should be able to view that.
Posted By: Jaspel

Re: school's blocked ugn - 03/23/04 08:51 PM

Will do today, also if it helps at all my school uses win2000 servers with mac os(9 somthing) terminals(ok commputers) they run novell(more specifics this afternoon) i dont know about the novell softwhere release, ill look into that today as well. WiFi was the best investment my high schoool could have ever made...
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: school's blocked ugn - 03/23/04 09:58 PM

you may not be able to get in from school but i can get in from work so :p
Posted By: Jaspel

Re: school's blocked ugn - 03/24/04 04:34 AM

humm.. well the https works. is there a was to set all pages to load with https with a browser setting or somthing i am using monzilla. any would be managable though. once and a while i can acces anything but it usually goes away after like 5min.
Posted By: Jaspel

Re: school's blocked ugn - 03/24/04 04:39 AM

btw before it cleared up...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: school's blocked ugn - 03/24/04 05:06 AM

Lol fun [censored].. in that case, when you go and look at the board, just copy/paste url's and change the http to https...

See, in order to rewrite the url's for the board on my end it'd effect everyone, and since we don't have a "trusted root" on our SSL certificate users would be prompted with "accept this cert?".

I'm still awaiting highlander's donation so we can get a trusted cert for 2004/2005 but he's been swamped lately and I haven't really seen him much.
Posted By: AccessDenied

Re: school's blocked ugn - 03/24/04 07:41 AM

Heh. I had much of the same problem. Use an http proxy. It works as a web router between http sites. A lot of these sites will be blocked, but some wont. Just goto any search engine from school, and type in http proxy, and link on links until it allows one of the sites.

I know websafe used to be allowed, until they shut down, or changed services or whatever they did. If I'm remembering correct you can also try megaproxy.
Posted By: das3

Re: school's blocked ugn - 05/15/06 01:42 AM

Same thing here.... I went to since our school uses a keyword filter as well. This site doesn't contain banned words like proxy.
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