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Hacking win 2k password

Posted By: aaronrhyder

Hacking win 2k password - 10/29/03 09:16 AM

i'm a newbie here and have a brother just changed the adminstrator password for the pc yesturday and refuses to tell me the new paassword...he removed the admin rights for my account too,so i can't install any password hacking programs...any1 can teach me how to change the password,or at least get back admin rights for my account?

using custom pc,win 2k pro

Posted By: paradox

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 10/29/03 09:29 AM

Yeah format the hdd and reinstall...
or you can grab the password file and crack the hash using l0pht crack.. You will have to research yourself.. the best thing you could probably do.. is work it out yourself :p
Posted By: aaronrhyder

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 10/29/03 09:32 AM

hmm...any help as to where the password file is?
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 10/29/03 11:56 AM

lol, i was locked out of my win2k machine by my brother only he forgot the admin password so guess what? full hd format. My advice beat the kid up until he gives it to you, or seeing as how immature he is to do this, you could probably have mommy tell him to give it to you.
Posted By: ?

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 10/29/03 02:23 PM

hmm, it's a tricky situation. can you still install software? if you can then just download a keylogger and get his password that way. If not, you're gonna have to do a little more work. You're gonna have to put a keylogger on floppy and somehow load it in memory from there when he boots up. I'm not sure of any keyloggers that will do this. You might have to write an autorun batch file to start the program an then continue loading windows without him noticing any difference. Or you can jus have it load and leave the computer on the login prompt so next time he comes around he's bound to type in his password. I'd look up a good keylogger that will do this for you but I'm in the middle of a writing a midterm paper rite now. But yeah, I'd go with a keylogger, thats ur best bet for a local hack like this. jus do a google search for keylogger or go to and read through the features of each one of them to see if they have what you need. This really shouldn't be that hard. good luck.
Posted By: aaronrhyder

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 10/29/03 02:37 PM

hmm...tried lc4 password hack but i can't install it...cause i dun have a bloody admin rights...i guess my only choice is to use a keylogger when he is using the computer...any gd choices?

man...that bugger better tell me the password by tomorrow...if not he is never gonna get access to the comp after i get the password.i'm gonna delete his bleeding account
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 10/29/03 02:38 PM

when you brothers not home, take the install disk and start it up in repair mode. copy C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\SAM to a disk
take LC4 to a friends house and use it there to find the password.
Posted By: aaronrhyder

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 10/29/03 02:43 PM

tried opening the files...but they i got access denied instead.i can't install lc4 cause i got no admin rights
Posted By: paradox

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 10/29/03 03:18 PM

Thats why you use a laptop or a friends computer buddy!! or even better install linux and use that to grab the file, download knoppix mount the windows harddrive and then copy it change the attribs if needed and voila... then goto a friends house and install lc4 assuming u do have friends else just buy a new box and use that :p
Posted By: aaronrhyder

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 10/29/03 03:36 PM

do i have to set the comp in repair mode to copy the file or can i just copy it while he is logged in?he has admin rights for his account
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 10/29/03 07:31 PM

yes. You need to be in repair mode. If you are running the computer you will not be able to access the file because it will be 'in use'. You need to start it in repair mode or take blackknights advice.
Posted By: ?

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 11/02/03 10:54 AM

ahh, I 'm sorry I didn't post this earlier. I jus came across your message again. This will work on XP, never tried it on win 2k. I have to note that it will delete all the user information, including yours, but you will have administrator access.

- make a bootdisk.

- insert bootdisk and turn computer on

- at command prompt type "del C:\Windows\system32\config\SAM"

- reboot and log in using Administrator account without password

basically this just deletes the account information and reset all the usernames. if it doesn't work on win 2k do a search on ur HD for the SAM file. This really should work. Let me know if you're able to do it.
Posted By: aaronrhyder

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 11/03/03 12:55 PM

hi guys...thanks for all your help,but i got back access through a extremely way.i just waited till my brother logged in,and lured him away with the pretense of a phone call.then i just went to the control panel and gave myself back admin access! din even ask me for the admin password even thiough my brother is not the adminstrator...probably the only time i am thankful for microsoft's crap security
Posted By: bosky101

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 11/04/03 05:17 AM

if u still wanna keep bout getting the SAM from the backup directory

I think this was what sinetific was telling u...anyway

When you use the NT Repair Utility (rdisk) with the /s argument to backup the important information regarding the system configuration to a floppy disk, then a compressed copy of the SAM data file will be created in the %systemroot%\repair directory under the filename: SAM._

you need to expand it before you can use it. expand the compressed back copy of the SAM using the following command:

C:\>expand sam._ sam

If you use the latest version of L0phtCrack, you need not go through the process of expanding the compressed backup copy of the SAM, as there is a built in option, which automatically does it for you.
Posted By: fearENKI

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 11/08/03 01:49 PM

test you limits.....try to acutally get his password, thats not fun since all you did is modify settings frown
Posted By: Jedi Knight

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 11/15/03 07:46 AM

Use LC4 installed on a floppy or, better yet, from a USB drive. Import the SAM file9 it'll do it automatically), save it then take to another puter for LC$ to crack it. It will probably take a few minutes. Now that u have the pwd......dont tell your bro. Just use when needed.
Posted By: Emperor

Re: Hacking win 2k password - 02/18/04 12:44 AM

SYSKEY is still enabled so you can't just easily copy the SAM. What you could do is use a prog like GetAdmin or Sechole2 which creates a new admin account and then use PWDUMP2, and finally you can use LC4 on another comp (don't forget to delete the admin account you created)
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