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2 hour cut off on whsmithnet

Posted By: Smythofhawshaw

2 hour cut off on whsmithnet - 12/31/02 11:12 AM

can anyone suggest a way around the 2 hour cut of on my isp ( I have tried variouse programs that say they will keep you on line but these all work by tricking the isp into thinking you are using the Internet all the time, my isp cuts you off wether you are using it or not, it seems to simply be a timer that kicks you off after 2 hours.

As a rule it is not a problem, but as we still DO NOT have broadband OR Cable in Barnsley, England it can be a problem if downloading large files from sites that will not allow you to use download managers like net pumper or star downloader etc.

I am a novice with the registry but i have found entries for the following - whsmith disconnect reg_binary 6f 74 0b 3e and
whsmith disconnect reg_binary 75 74 0b 3e but i don't know what modifications if any to make to these.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted By: sinetific

Re: 2 hour cut off on whsmithnet - 12/31/02 09:42 PM

You tried this?

I really dont know I have cable, I know withy dial-up networking they need to refresh their IP range and make you reconnect every so often. They only have so many IPs to give to their dial-up customers. If they didnt do this you wouldnt be able to connect when you dailed in because they wouldnt have any addresses to assign to you.
To my knowledge I dont think there is to much you can do about it. Maybe Im wrong though and someone else can offer some help.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: 2 hour cut off on whsmithnet - 12/31/02 09:53 PM

Lol, if you had to install software to use the ISP its not worth having since all its there for is to [censored] you over...
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