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VPN tunnel

Posted By: MESELF

VPN tunnel - 08/09/03 11:09 PM

hey does anybody here know how to set up a VPN tunnel across the internet. actually i'd prefer it this way.

myhouse->cable node->friendshouse

if it is possible becuz we are on the same node. if that is not possible could anyone give me a good website to go to thats not too confusing. i've looked around and all the websites i've seen make no sense to me. is what i am describing possible?
Posted By: Rapture

Re: VPN tunnel - 08/13/03 01:19 PM

what operating system are you running?

Xp pro (and 2000 i think) has built in VPN software. It's so easy. Start > network places > Create a new connection.

After that just follow the steps. Incredibly easy to do.
Posted By: MESELF

Re: VPN tunnel - 08/13/03 04:21 PM

i'm usin ME. but what about over the cable node without going to the internet. is there any way to specify a route for the tunnel to follow so i could just use myip-nodeip-friendsip becuz that would be better it would be so much faster.
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