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~Mp3 Help~

Posted By: The One And Only Tallguy

~Mp3 Help~ - 03/21/02 01:02 AM

Ok I was woundering if it really is possible to fit like 120 mp3 songs onto one cdr? I have only been able to get like 18 max onto a cd so how the heck do people get 120 on one??????? I can't figure it out. right now i am using cdex and lame to ripp the cds, I usaly ripp at 128k.. so yeah if anyone knows of how to acomplish this please tell me!

Tallguy, cool
Posted By: ninjaneo

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/21/02 01:09 AM

Heh... Ive fitten 328 on one cd... So yes.
Posted By: The One And Only Tallguy

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/21/02 01:12 AM

holy crap... so do you think you could tell me how you did it???????? please!

tallguy, cool
Posted By: olosoft

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/21/02 02:32 AM

cut each song into 4 second segments and you can fit 1110 songs on a cd.

heh, actualy, you burn the mp3s to the cd as a data cd, not an audio cd. that way you can fit 10x more minutes of songs on a cd (12hours). only problem with that not all cd player will be able to play the cd, they have to be mp3 capable. most dvd players and cd player clearly marked "MP3" will be able to play the cd. older cd players may not.
Posted By: The One And Only Tallguy

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/21/02 02:36 AM

oh ok, so if i right in data mode i can fit more mp3 on one cd!!! thanks a lot. that helps a ton.

tallguy, cool
Posted By: olosoft

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/21/02 02:54 AM

yes, because in data mode its writing the raw mp3s. when you create an audio cd, your cd burning program first converts the mp3s to cdas which are ten times larger aka "cd quality" which has a bit of about 1400kbps while your average mp3 is only 128kbps.

so technicaly if you think about it...
a cd has a capacity of 650mb, or 665600kb. so you can fit 4717seconds or 78minutes at a bit rate of 1411kbps. or as mp3s, 52000 seconds, 867 minutes, or 14.5 hours. theres the math behind it wink
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/21/02 05:31 AM

::applauses olek::
Posted By: olosoft

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/21/02 11:55 AM

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Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/22/02 12:15 AM

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Posted By: The One And Only Tallguy

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/22/02 01:55 AM

alright,whatever......... anyways, well I did it and i got 126 songs on one cd! all the songs were incded at 220kbps too! so it's pretty good sound quality.. only bad part is that the portable cd player I have in my car happins to not be mp3 compatible! i was so ticked. it dosen't even work that well on my comp i have to make the computer play the songs, it dosen't just start up like most cds. but i guess it's worth it to be able to store that many songs on one cd..

tallguy, cool
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/22/02 05:34 AM

lol all my **** is 128, i dont go higher since more ins't needed heh..
Posted By: olosoft

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/22/02 08:13 PM

yea, you really wont notice any difference above 128.
Posted By: psychogen

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/23/02 12:41 AM

yes you do when you have a sourround sound amplifer!

Posted By: olosoft

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/23/02 02:19 AM

lol, yea well, im talking for avg use. pc speakers, car, discman, etc.
Posted By: Soap

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/23/02 11:10 AM

Sh****T !!! do u really feel the diff when using good speakers.

I've about 5gigs of MP3s @ 128K and am planning on getting a masssive surround sound system with satellites speakers, subwoofers and stuff.
Psychogen?? Will I get foul sound??
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/24/02 03:27 PM

no, the sound will be alright. Compare it to this... Play some music in Napster or other basic MP3 player, then play it in WinAmp or Windows Media Player with all the sound effects tools to enhance the sound. Sure, it may sound great in Napster or whatever, but it's just way cooler in a REAL mp3 player.
Posted By: psychogen

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/27/02 02:20 AM

ok I once did a test with this, for example i decoded an downloaded 96kbps mp3 file to wav and then reencoded it to 160kbps, suprisingly the sound did improve!

realistically most of my mp3s are 128kbps encoded and they sound great with just the ordinary stereo hooked up to the sound card, i would not waste my cash on a surround sound system just to play music. surround sound was designed for cinemas and slowly it came to our homes, but what I am saying is that unless u are planning to play dvds and movies on the comp there is no point in investing into a surround sound amp, I just mentioned it cause when I did have my surround sound amp back in the UK and a 64bit sound card the sound was ****ing amazing but also u got to remember that i had two majorly big speakers and two background speakers hooked up to the amp.

its all a matter of playing around with synthezisers (im sure u dont spell it that way). i suggest hook up ur stereo to the sound card with aux cables(im sure u knew that) and then disable the suntheziser on the mp3 player but use the one that is built into the stereo, most new stereos are lame and dont let u change **** but the bass and treble but the sound will still be fantastic.

for example i have a mp3 cd player with headphones on that thing is ****ing crazy amazing **** ma [censored] up the *** sound!

all at 128kbps!

thats all folks and i think the original answer has been answered and if not - here it comes.

u need to write ur mp3 cds as data cds and not use the stupid wizard it sux!
i always suggest using nero burning rom, its very good with all types of cds, and the wizard will ask u what u want to exactely do when selecting the audio cd option smile !


topic closed!
Posted By: Optical-Element

Re: ~Mp3 Help~ - 03/27/02 02:52 AM

Yep, was just about to comment on that, the reason for you only fitting 18 tracks was that it was converting from .mp3 to .wma er watever the CD format is lol *can't remember*. You'd need to write as data wink
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