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~mp3s on mini disk???~

Posted By: The One And Only Tallguy

~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 03/30/02 02:12 AM

ok heres the thing, i may be buying a mini disk player/recorder from a friend. I was woundering what they are capable of doing? is it possible to put mp3s on them? if so how many? Is there a way to right the mp3s in data mode so you can store more on the mini disk? I know mini disks are rewriteable and can hold as much or more than a normal cd and they have way better sound quality. I will be geting an older "like 2000 model" sony md player/recorder and it comes with a usb cable so i can hook it up to my computer. so i don't see why i couldn't put mp3s on it but yeah, so if you have any experience with mds please help me out.. [email protected]!

tallguy, cool
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 03/30/02 04:29 AM

ok yo what you do, you sell it, you buy a Nomad Jukebox with a 20gig hd, and you have ****in 20 gigs mp3! hehe
Posted By: olosoft

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 03/30/02 06:51 AM

no. none of what you said is true. no data mode, mp3 ect. you can only write as audio files. normaly you can fit about 96 minutes per minidisc, but when you write in digital mode through a fiber optic connection, you can fit up to 5 hours of music. main benfit of minidiscs over mp3 players is that you can switch the discs. i have a minidisc because thats what im used to, however i recommend that you get a mp3 player instead.
Posted By: Mornse

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 03/30/02 07:35 PM

My recomendation is to get an MP3 CD player. This means u can burn CD's in data mode with mp3's on the CD and play it in the player. The reason for this is because a cd can normally hold more than an mp3 player. And to buy extra memory for mp3 players is expensive, whereas a CD is $1. The only disadvantage is that it's bigger, but I think it's totaly worth it.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 03/30/02 08:13 PM

lets weigh, $400 MP3 player (nomad jukebox) 20gig hd... i doubt you'd ever fill it heh
Posted By: olosoft

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 03/30/02 09:51 PM

i have 31GB of 11693 mp3s.
Posted By: Predator

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 03/31/02 08:24 AM

Olosoft, don't show off laugh
Posted By: olosoft

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 03/31/02 02:42 PM

im not showing off, im just proving gizzy wrong wink
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 03/31/02 07:05 PM

yeh suck a [censored], most of these lackeys prolly donno wtf an mp3 is lol..
Posted By: Soap

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 04/01/02 12:13 PM

Sticking to the original subject...(MP3 on MD) I have an MD recorder which uses analog (jack) or optical cable to record the music. I use my LIVE! drive bay (sound blaster bay) which has a digital out to record my MDs

I have also wondered about putting data on MDs...I suppose they have like 650MEgs theoretical capacity at least.
So would their be any way, like write a prog that does it. But even if it works....I haven't found up to today, any way of getting a digital stream FROM a MD (not TO).

In other words I'll only be able to retrieve the data written on the MD thru analog...isn't that ****ed up for DATA??

Posted By: olosoft

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 04/01/02 01:10 PM

no, you cant write actualy data to the minidisc because all it accepts is audio in. you would have to have some kind of minidisc drive. however, what you could write is a program that takes in a file and generates a series of beeps and then you can send that audio to the minidisc to record as binary. or, you could even generate the beeps at different frequencies for ascii, etc. then you would also need a program that takes the beeps in and decodes them to data again.
Posted By: The One And Only Tallguy

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 04/01/02 04:12 PM

oh so you xan't do data mode. oh well at least i will be geting way better sound quality, AND! all mini disks are rewritable "unlike cdrs" so when i get tired of a song i can just record over it.

tallguy, cool
Posted By: olosoft

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 04/01/02 09:09 PM

true, however we were comparing mp3 player and minidiscs, cds are just to big these days... again, i recommend getting a mp3 player since theyre just plain better, hold more, faster recording, etc. yet for some reason i refuse to get one, sticking to my five year old mindisc player...

btw, wtf is up with the iPod? serisouly. all it is is a mp3 player of mac. so it can hold 1000 songs, thats roughly 4Gigs, like gizzy said, the Nomand holds 20. so it has firewire connection, so do most pc mp3 player. **** i hate those mac ppl. oo look we have a flat screen now. were soooo coool.. la la la... /me grabs his shotgun and goes mac hunting
Posted By: The One And Only Tallguy

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 04/01/02 09:25 PM

yeah I don't know, my friend let me borow it for a couple days and the thing sucks! it takes for ever to trnsfer songs to the md, and it is like relly complicated doing it! so i told him screw that I am geting a cd player that is mp3 compatible lol. so yeha i think i am going to stick with cds, those mini disks did look pretty cool though! but that was it they just look cool. I thought about geting an mp3 player but right now i just don't have the money to get one, I can only spend like maybe 120 US dollers. so I think i can get the most for my buck if i get a new cd player. anybody know of any good ones that are mp3 compatible?
Posted By: psychogen

Re: ~mp3s on mini disk???~ - 04/02/02 12:52 AM

everything is possible they never thought they could make double sided LPs either but they did nor did they think they could make different colored ones but they did and as for cds they never thought it was possible to make doulbe sided ones either well they did and are called dvds!

just wait and see.

but i doubt we would ever see it cause minidisk is highly unpopular and to expensive!

i say get a mp3 cd player i got one and they kick *** !

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