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school filter

Posted By: paintballkid41

school filter - 01/23/04 11:37 PM

Oh and its called netsweeper
Posted By: Infinite

Re: school filter - 01/24/04 01:11 AM

Don't double post.

Oops, I deleted your other topic by accident. Please repost your question. In the future if you have something to add just edit your post instead of making another or creating an entirly new topic.

Posted By: sanjeppu

Re: school filter - 02/02/09 09:26 AM

Hi im new to this site...i want to know about school filter.
Posted By: Digital Geek

Re: school filter - 02/02/09 11:11 PM

Hey Sanjeppu,

You should really open a new topic if there is anything you want to talk about, not post in a 5 year old topic.

I assume your school is using some kind of web filter to restrict the access to some of the sites they consider inappropriate and you want to bypass it. Can you tell us what kind of filter is your school using ?

Best regards,
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: school filter - 02/03/09 12:09 AM

I'm going to assume that this was a request for more information on netsweeper and not a request for how to bypass it (since everyone knows that most filters don't filter SSL or Proxy traffic)...

If you simply want to disable, or rather circumvent a web filter; why not just try one of the millions of free web proxies, I'll link to a few here: -or- (tunneling) -or-

A simple google search "Web Based Proxy" will show you some other sites.

Now, NetSweeper itself (Available Here) was first produced in 1999; it boasts the smallest footprint of all tools in its class. It is not just found in schools; in fact you can find it on a lot of the county and government machines (even libraries) as their filter of choice.

Instead of URL Filtering (which alternatively one could do without wasting thousands of dollars by just adding entries to the hosts file in a windows environment) it blocks content based on keywords in the loading documents. The programmed AI categorizes and classifies webpages into segments of what it deams accessible based on the programed rules.

They have included a bit of information for developers (well, because in an IT environment every dev wants to know what's going on behind the curtains on their machines) which you can read here which delves into the categorization matching that the product provides.

Instead of stealing information from their "How it Works" page, I'll leave you all here with the above link; it'll tell you far more information that me just nitpicking with plagiarism wink...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: school filter - 02/03/09 12:10 AM

Originally Posted by Digital Geek
You should really open a new topic if there is anything you want to talk about, not post in a 5 year old topic.
Judging by the link in his signature, and how he posted (0 useful content, piggybacking on a link he likely found through a google search) I'm sure it's just spam; in fact, I'm so sure about this that I've suspended the account and he can feel more than free to email me should he actually have intentions on posting anything here :P
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