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does any 1 finish helping

Posted By: majik

does any 1 finish helping - 10/24/03 11:23 PM

i started a topic when i first signed in, and it seems every1 is willing to help for a little bit then all of a sudden no one wants to no, does this happen a lot???
Posted By: jonconley

Re: does any 1 finish helping - 10/24/03 11:50 PM

I believe you are referring to THIS thread. It looks like you had 6 different constructive suggestions to your thread. Don't see any reason for you to complain.

Unfortunately, the people here are not paid. The people here have lives, other jobs, other message boards, other things to do. Often questions are answered by the same handful of people over and over. So sometimes you may need to "bump" your topic or perhaps reply with what you have tried to do and some more specifics. If you have a good honest question that couldn't be resolved by a quick googling (and we often do that for ppl anyways), I am sure people have tried to help. Unless you caught us on a busy day, which happens, so remember these people are trying to help and do it simply for your benefit.

Atleast you didn't exactly flame about it, b/c that never helps. So go back to whatever topic you had a question with and post a reply stating what I said above. And you will probably get some assistance, BUT if you don't, then you still have no right to complain. I am sorry, but unless you hire one of us w/ a nice paying tech support contract, we won't be obligated to help. But the nice thing about this place, is we will.

I have also yet to see you post anything constructive for anyone else. Too many people come here with a quick question or two and then leave after a while w/o contributing at all to the board.
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