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Posted By: prady

Partitioning - 08/03/03 01:41 AM

Hi, im having a 20 GB HDD on which i run Linux.I have a 3 GB root partition, 256 Mb Swap Space & remaining Home Directory.I made a complete diff. part. for Home for the sake of making my data more secured from crashes.My problem is that now i want to install some version of MS Windows aswell without formating my HDD.So, what i want is to free some space from my Home Part. & create a separate NTFS/FAT32 part.How do i go about it?
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Posted By: sinetific

Re: Partitioning - 08/03/03 02:19 AM

You can use fdisk but I prefer cfdisk, but i dont know if the distro you have has cfdisk installed. If not install it it's ten times easier to use than linux's version of fdisk. I'm not going to explain how to do it with fdisk.
Just type cfdisk and resize your existing partition to a resonable size making sure not to make it smaller than the tha amount of data that's on it already, create a new partition with the empty space, and when it asks you for what filesystem type ntfs (07 HPFS/NTFS) or I would recomend 0B FAT32 since you can read and write to it from your linux partition.
Then insert your windows disk and install it on the partition your created.
Then after thats all done with your going to need to remake your bootloader linux or grub by inserting the linux disk and booting your linux partition up. But I think we covered this in another post, so just ask if you have anymore questions.
Posted By: bor

Re: Partitioning - 10/03/03 05:43 AM

totally agree with sinet. cfdisk is a much better option IMO than fdisk is.

For an easy HOWTO on partitioning and then fixing lilo (if that's your bootloader) a link is below:

That'll show you the layout of the boot file and should tell you what to do.
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