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IP Question!!!!

Posted By: DaMaRiS

IP Question!!!! - 10/15/02 07:07 AM

Hey wassup! I have read many books now and a lot of tutorials. I have grown but I have a question. I know a hacker isn't someone that breaks and destroys computers but what re the multiple uses of ip address'? And I have AOL and AIM but I NEED HELP! FOr example I get an IP address I found the open port.........WHAT ELSE!!!! Please dont be a jackass because you gotta be nice to newbies This is kinda hard with school, gangs, my parents, etc. PLEASE HELP ME confused frown <img border="0" alt="[?]" title="" src="graemlins/question.gif" />
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/15/02 07:33 AM

Well im a newbie myself, but if your really that stuck, telnet is one way to connect to a remote computer theres probably others but being a newb i havent found them yet...
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/15/02 07:34 AM

ps i dont know if thats what you wanted but that's the next step after finding the open port...i think eh someone will correct me in the next reply if im wrong
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/15/02 08:00 AM

ok, let's have a bit of harmless fun and ports shall we? Let's explore port 25. Port 25 is the SMTP port. In english, that means you send email through that port. I see you have an AOL account yes? well then, let's send an email to your aol account.

open up telnet and connect to 25 is one of their SMTP servers and port 25 is the port providing the service.

After you've connected type the following (the ## lines are just descriptions of the commands)

## First we identify ourselves
HELO localhost

## Now we specify the account it was sent from. this can be just about anything
MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>

## This is mailbox the email is being sent to
RCPT TO:<[email protected]>

## Now we indicate that we wanna start writing the email

## Now we type the headers and the email. You MUST end it with a . on a blank line
From: Telnet boy <[email protected]>
To: DaMaRiS <[email protected]>
Subject: This is my telnet test!

Hi, this is my email body.

## Now we send the QUIT command. The email is sent

Now here's a real life example as I sent you an email via telnet.

Code ESMTP mail_relay_in-yb3.4; Mon, 14 Oct 2002 21:04:15 -0400
220-America Online (AOL) and its affiliated companies do not
220-     authorize the use of its proprietary computers and computer
220-     networks to accept, transmit, or distribute unsolicited bulk
220      e-mail sent from the internet.
HELO localhost
250 OK
MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>
MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>
250 OK
RCPT TO:<[email protected]>
250 OK
From: blah <[email protected]>
To: blah4 <[email protected]>
Subject: blah7
250 OK
Posted By: Asteos

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/15/02 11:57 AM

/me enters friendly-newb-mode
The use of an ip is to identify computers while connecting to other computers, kind of like a numerical name given to your computer that other computers can identify you as. Each is individully unique, given to your machine from your isp, as you probably already know. IP isn't a very complicated thing to understand, in my opinion, TCP, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated. If you're really interested about this sort of stuff then you probably already know from reading tuts that tcp has four layers: 1: Network Access Layer; 2: Internet Layer; 3: Transport Layer; and 4: Application Layer. ... just food for thought.
This is a pretty good tcp/udp port list. It will tell you what ports are used for what, if you don't already know.
You can't get this kind of knowledge just anywhere <img border="0" alt="[alien]" title="" src="graemlins/alien.gif" />

What do gangs have anything to do with ip addresses and open ports? ... just curious.
Posted By: DaMaRiS

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/16/02 03:02 AM

Well number one dont tell anyone but i'm in a gang and its a lot of work. Sty up till 4 am all the time. Hardly nay time to study for school and less to be a hacker. And i have IP Tools and I go to telnet but it never finishes loading eventually i quit.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/16/02 03:09 AM

who are we going to tell. You just told hundreds of people all around the world you are in a gang. What did you expect? That somebody may call up your parents and let them know their darling child is in a gang?
Posted By: DaMaRiS

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/16/02 08:59 AM

HAHA Silent Rage. Mad funny. ROFL!!!!!!! Anyways since millions of people are on i am BLAZE 21 y'all be seeing me in a town near u. And i Love Eduardo!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Infinite

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/16/02 09:08 AM

Dude, SR wasn't kidding. UGN get something like 200k unique hits a month. So let's say this topic is active for a week, and only half of the poeple read this post, that's still like 25000 people you just told that you are in a gang. NEVER post anything on here you wouldn't shout in public at the top of your lungs, because here a lot more people will hear you.

Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/16/02 09:26 AM

wait a minute, you mean it wasnt perfectly obvious to you he was in a gang at the beginning of this topic why else would gangs make it difficult for him to hack its not like they come knockin down your door while your online...anyway my two sense quit the gang unless your the leader no one ever got recognized for being a henchman then again your not really a henchman either they get paid for their services
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/16/02 02:15 PM

/me joins

Guys, i think that what he really wanted to know is how to start hacking with IP's and [censored] stuff like that, but there is another topic here on this board in which the same question was asked or at least close to that and i remember that we've explained it pretty good so no need to ask the same thing again, i believe this is the most asked question in every board in the internet:

-"I know the IP of the computer, how can i hack into it ?" and stuff like that.

That was explained, DaMaRiS no offense, i'm not saying you're a newb or anything else, if you are there's nothing to be shy from, nobody is born an EXPERT, everyone learns to achieve knowledge. You said you read a lot of tutorials and so on, well i suggest you continue...

Now asteos explained to you how TCP/IP layers, but i'd suggest you to learn first about the OSI layers which are maybe older but they're much easier to undestand the full things how it works, coz things there are more separated and you've got more details. Here i'll give you a short description of the OSI reference model.


here a good link for you to read a bit more...
The OSI Seven Layers Model

If you want more details about this one or anything else, just let me know ...

btw: SR that was a great explanation wink

see ya
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/16/02 08:51 PM

I can't stand the OSI model. It means nothing to me when I packet sniff. So here I'll explain "briefly" and practically what TCP packets are and how they travel.

Now like the OSI, a packet is composed of several layers. The top of this data packet is the network information. It includes the sender's MAC address (the ID for their network card) and the reciever's MAC address. It also includes the network type (token ring, ethernet, wireless of some sort, etc)

Next comes the IP layer which is usually 20 bytes long. It contains the sender's IP address, and the recievers IP address. It also includes various other information useful for the ROUTING of the packet - that is, packet transfer information. It is the IP which identifies a computer on the internet, and from which it is determined where the packet has come from, and where it will go. The sender's IP is included so that the recieving computer knows to whom it should reply. Kind of like email. You need a return address to get a reply.

Next comes the TCP or UDP or ICMP layer. The TCP layer is also usually 20 bytes and is used when you make a connection between two computers. Within the TCP, UDP and sometimes ICMP layers the port information is stored. The port is what a program listens on for a connection from another computer. There are ports from 1 to 65535 which may be used for communication. The TCP layer also includes other information which says what kind of packet it is. There's the connection request packet (SYN) an acknowledgement packet (ACK) and a packet which indicates that the user wishes to close the connection (FIN).

Now finally we come upon the data layer. The data layer is what programs use to communicate. When you open telnet to connect to another machine, the text you send is placed in this layer. Every program has a language that you must speak for it to understand. Above in my email example, I had to enter the commands just the right way for the email program on the other computer to understand me. standardization made it so that almost every time, if you connect to port 80 - you must speak the HTTP language (to ask for webpages and retrieve them). If you connect to port 21 you must speak the FTP language to login and move about on the remote file system.

To be a good hacker, you must learn as many languages "protocols" that you can so that you know how to talk to all these servers out there and perhaps trick (exploit) them into doing things for you they're not supposed to do.
Posted By: DaMaRiS

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/17/02 01:11 AM

Ok number one i am not a HE i am a SHE and well i dont want to hack lyk destroy ok cuz i dunno.. i want to be useful not just be a name on a wall. You know also help otu with projects and stuff. Anyways you guys helped thank you. I'm otu 4 now!
Posted By: Energy

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/17/02 01:28 AM

Both the OSI model and the TCP/IP model have their uses. If you want to know how the Internet really works from a binary perspective look at the TCP/IP model. It is pretty self-explainitory. I instead would like to talk about the OSI model as it relates to security.

Two basic rules apply when using the OSI model for security: the model does not only apply to the network, and security is applied in layers. The few examples I give here will barely scratch the surface of this topic. Many books and careers are based on this design.

Starting at the lowest layer, the physical layer, you begin to look at physical security. Fencing, guards and dogs, closed circuit TV, building entrance security, network topology, how network wiring is run, critical path flow of data, water, electricity, computer room design and security, fire controls, etc.

The next layer,the data link layer, covers things such as authenticating machines before they connect to the network, arp spoofing, network switching technology, colision and broadcast domains, etc.

The network layer can cover stack smashing, IPSec, sniffing, scanning, denial of service attacks, network design schematics, DMZs and extranets, etc.

A person designing security progresses through the whole model placing the current security implimentation into their appropriate layer. This can include firewalls (gateway, personal, and application), IDS, ssl/tsl, authentication methods (passwords, smart cards, SecureID, biometrics), database modeling, policies, access control lists, disaster recovery and continuity planning, single or multi-mode fiber, toxic waste management, computer supplier contracts and warranties, forced vacations, job rotation, audits, user education, and too many more to list here. Even software design uses this model.

Once the current security has been broken up into the different layers the designer can see where the holes in the different layers are and patch them accordingly.

So you see when viewing security it is not just what comes over the wire (the TCP/IP model), but how well all layers of the OSI model are protected.
Posted By: AlienTerror

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/18/02 02:52 AM

If anyone wants to hack and destroy something join one of the clans that "take down" child porno pages...

(would be nice to be one of them)

but i don't know any name or so(i'd forget=()
Posted By: ReverendNinjaSox

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/18/02 03:05 AM

I've been apart of a group that busted a child porn ring. Was two brothers in San Francisco. They were some ethnic descent. I can't remember which though. They ran a printing shop. They lived upstairs from their business. The server was hosted in their house.
Posted By: CryptoKnight

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/18/02 09:35 AM

hahaha. Is it only me or does anybody else find it amusing that this guy keeps stressing the point that he/she is in a gang.
I don't know, I just found it a bit comical
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/19/02 03:50 PM

AlienTerror i recieved your email about TakeDown and we've talked about that so it means nothing changed, we're still up, i'll email you again for your futher info...

P.S. Ninja how're you doin bro >?

greetz all
Posted By: DaMaRiS

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/19/02 04:05 PM

Yea ALienTerror. Dats actually a very good cause. Oh abd bringing down gay support groups!
Posted By: Mornse

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/19/02 07:19 PM

What the hell are you talking about? Are you extremely ignorant Damaris? All you do is talk about being is some gang and then say that people should bring down gay support groups. Just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean you go trash it if it's not harming anyone else. I'm not gay, but that doesn't mean I should go around trashing gay people because I'm not gay or if I didn't agree with it. Everyone on this site always talks about freedom of knowledge and so on, so if everyone's not just bullshitting and you want to be a real hacker like some of the people on this board are, then you should realize that gay people have the right to freedom of opinion and so on also. You should stop being so ignorant.
Posted By: black^Pimp

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/19/02 07:47 PM

i'll give you the highest rating for that speech.
you said that good Mornse.. I guess some people don't know [censored] and when you try to help em, they act in a stupid way that no one undestands what the hell are they trying to prove.
Posted By: DaMaRiS

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/19/02 08:52 PM

Ok u both wron aight gay people are stupid. They should all burn in hell because wat gay people do is unhuman. Gay support groups shouldn't exist. And y the hell do u think only a guy and girl can have sex and then have kids. U can't have kids w 2 girls or 2 guys.

P.S. I want "kids" if u know what i mean!
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: IP Question!!!! - 10/19/02 09:20 PM

I don't think I need to explain why this has been closed. But if anybody wants to [censored] at somebody, come to the IRC and [censored] at me.
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