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Posted By: Wulung

Network Messages - 11/18/03 02:12 AM

I'm probally gunna get called a stupid little kiddie for this, but I wish to know how to send messgaes across a network (without using a program like msn) I experienced this earlier today when a message popped up on everybody in my lessons screen from another classrom saying "oi oi lads".
I'm very curious how this was done.
Ne takers???
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Network Messages - 11/18/03 03:17 AM

open up a command prompt and type in "net help send" it will give you the syntax of the net send command. Windows messanger must be running on the computers(Not MSN messenger, this is s systems utility its completely different). Its enabled by default, so this is how they are doing it at your school.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Network Messages - 11/18/03 07:28 AM

Yeh, it definately sounds like windows messenger, I had to walk Imperial through how to disable it on windows XP.

Disabling Windows Messenger:
Open My Computer
Open Control Panel
Open Administrative Tools
Open Services
Double Click 'Messenger'
Click 'Stop'
From the dropdown choose 'Disabled'
Press Apply then Ok
Exit all screen's still open.

Now no more messages, it's not too hard to stop them, in my experiance with the messenger service is that it's completely pointless and shouldn't have been shipped turned ON since people use it to advertise on Broadband networks; or in your case to message stupid kids in a computer class...
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Network Messages - 11/20/03 05:44 AM

if youre in a school its possible that they use novell. if this is true right click the novell icon on the taskbar and find somthing about sending a message. you should get a message window with users currently logged on as well as what text you wish to send. click send and that user gets the message (as well as the option to reply).
Posted By: Archon

Re: Network Messages - 11/21/03 03:39 PM

if your school is using windows xp...that's net make it more annoinying... make a batch file comtaining this code:

@echo off
net send ip/username "msg you want to send "
goto begin

run the batch file.....and you have your little net send flood.......
Posted By: n3o

Re: Network Messages - 11/21/03 06:17 PM

I used to use netsend all the time at college until i got caught sending it to the main server and it sent a message saying "Hello world!" to every computer in college.

The reason i got caught was because it had my computer number on it, but i have recently found the little app that lets you send anonymous netsend messages which i now use and thought you might be interested.

This is the download link:

To use it you either enter a computer number or IP address.
Posted By: placid fire

Re: Network Messages - 11/22/03 12:38 AM

a friend of mine got caught for sending messages to all computers on the network too. is it really possiable to send messages anonymously , because the admin at my school say that they can trace what user send the batch commands . how does this program enable anonymity
Posted By: Archon

Re: Network Messages - 11/22/03 09:22 AM

That's kewl anonymous net send....but can you install it if you have no admin access on windows xp ? Usually...guys in the admin only give guest access to normal user.So, the firts step there is getting the admin password.
Posted By: n3o

Re: Network Messages - 11/22/03 09:59 PM

(placid fire) I am not quite sure how it does it, but is does.

(Archon) The program is a "stand alone" and does not require installation.

You can just save it where you want, and then run it.
Posted By: AlienTerror

Re: Network Messages - 11/28/03 03:42 AM

There is progs that net sends with what ever name u want i to look like from and spamm..
Posted By: weeve

Re: Network Messages - 11/28/03 04:30 AM

:p wallops was always fun, heh windows is just starting to get things that have been around in unix variants for heh...years? yea...kinda a old toy for a new gui wrapped, window addicted generation. Meh, I'll stick with good old slackware, linux variants are getting bulked with crap now anyway. Bloat linux flavors like microwarez, and you get ...something similiar. WinLinux! :\
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