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Posted By: 1234

Eudora - 11/06/03 12:23 PM

I scanned an ip and found they were running Eudora 3.0.3. I searched for an exploit but found none. Is that even what I should be doing? Any help?
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Eudora - 11/06/03 01:23 PM

If this is the question you're asking...this is definitely not what you should be doing. Read the two sticky topics to get started. And realize that it'll take time to learn what you want. A lot of time.
Posted By: paradox

Re: Eudora - 11/06/03 07:20 PM

*snickers* dont expect to become any good over night or even over 6 months.. bcoz hacking is a lifestyle not a hobby wink
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