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Look for some ebook address!

Posted By: §intå×

Look for some ebook address! - 02/10/06 11:33 PM

Now this topic was closed due to warez, but wait a tic... There are leagal ebooks out there. And MSN and Google are about to release MANY books on the net...

Now this is a basic google search

as for pay for sites, is awsome. Now sure how expensive it is as my job covers it for us. But they have every thing.

There are also many good text files on the net. Try a search like

C++ tuts
C++ Tutorials

I learned quite a bit from free online resources. This place was the main one.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Look for some ebook address! - 02/10/06 11:42 PM

Other resources

windows searches

Linux searches

BSD searches

Apple searches

And a free lessons page anyone can learn something from

Now why am I helping this guy? Because he didn't ask how to hack hotmail, or to be spoon fed, he ask where he can find info.... To that i will help anyone.
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