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Posted By: sprinter

rules? - 04/07/02 12:18 AM

are there any within reason i see no guidlines on posting here other than using common sense.

whats acceptable and whats not?
Posted By: sprinter

Re: rules? - 04/07/02 12:37 AM

well call me a lamer from hell but the search showed only 4 topics this one included. frown. grrrrrrrrrr

gizmo wrote:
sorry crash but this topic isn't allowed by the ugn listed rules.

In another post and a search turns up only his reference to "listed rules" .
Posted By: Predator

Re: rules? - 04/07/02 12:56 AM

Well, i'll give you some rules.
- Nothing to do with warez (eg, do not ask for programs, serials or cracks, etc.)
- No linking to illegal sites. (warez sites, sites that make windows crash, etc)
- No flaming (hehe well only mods can do that laugh wink )
- there probably are some more rules, but i can't think of them right now smile
Posted By: sprinter

Re: rules? - 04/07/02 01:09 AM

Ok well thats a start. I posted something about an OG to the hacking world in the general forum and its gone I pmed all 3 mods but no reply so I was just curious if it was just considered a lame topic or if I broke some unwritten rules here.

I am a moderator on another vbulletin forum so i understand how some of this stuff goes. Looks like this is UBB and is similar to vbulletin.
Posted By: olosoft

Re: rules? - 04/07/02 01:14 AM
Posted By: sprinter

Re: rules? - 04/07/02 01:27 AM

Thats better. I can read the whole thing except for the last line. I got the gist of it htough. Haha family affair,huh? But you guys got it wrong im 33 smile. It says ages range from 10-30 /sarcasm.

Anyhow anyone want to talk to me in private about some OG hackers groups? I just want to know if this guy is legit as he has access to some things that could incriminate some people. Of course we dont do anything illegal ,but, I would prefer to know who im talking with so...if you guys would like to discuss it PM me. Thanks.
Posted By: psychogen

Re: rules? - 04/07/02 02:38 AM

ur question has been answered milord, topic closed!
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