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Review: Resident Evil 2

Posted By: HighLander

Review: Resident Evil 2 - 09/15/04 12:25 AM

I was not sure where to post this, thought about the reviews section but this is not a review.......Was just wondering if anyone had seen it yet and if so, if they could post a review, I'm thinking of going to see it this week but I have heard it was bad and it was good........

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Posted By: jonconley

Re: Review: Resident Evil 2 - 09/15/04 02:20 PM

I thought it would be worth the money to go and see in the theatre. Doesn't seem nearly as dark as the first one seemed, but has its fair share of fighting and action.

Just, either go see it in the theatre or don't bother ever seeing it. Samething w/ Alien Vs Predator. Seeing those 2 films on a big screen it what makes it worth it.
Posted By: computerkungfu

Re: Review: Resident Evil 2 - 09/15/04 11:19 PM

whats up with the goverment
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Review: Resident Evil 2 - 07/06/05 02:33 PM

dead thread.

before closing it tho, id like to add to those of you now thinking of purchasing the DVD:

Resident Evil2: Apocalypse helps explain a lot since its prequel, Resident Evil.
It differs from the game a lot in regards to the introduction of Nemisis and his actions towards Clair (Milla Jovovich).
Clairs abilities also seem magnified (with reason) in the film compared to the game.

A good buy to the Resident Evil film trilogy.

oh, and Jill Valentines is still as hot as ever in that visualy tantalising boob-tube thanks to Sienna Guillory (love actually).
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