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Review: PSP

Posted By: EndGame

Review: PSP - 07/21/05 10:29 AM

well, after much nagging, subtle hints, more nagging and many, many foot-rubs...
my girlfriend got me the PSP.
its sitting on the charger now (even got a sweet lil 'docking station' charger for it.

soon as its up and running il be ready with the review.

it looks incredibly sexy tho...
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Review: PSP - 07/21/05 10:34 AM

you lucky [censored]...
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Review: PSP - 08/04/05 10:35 AM

giz, ul be happy to know the PSP had a garentee for two weeks, so it was covered for the breakage.

i, however, [censored] up in the pride matter when i told her to keep it, i didnt want it.
il borrow a friends and do the review soon as my vendetta is complete
Posted By: KillHour

Re: Review: PSP - 08/04/05 10:39 AM

We should keep a running list of the times that EndGame gets screwed over by his pride... wink
Posted By: EndGame

Re: Review: PSP - 08/04/05 10:43 AM

its al iv got left!
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