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Microsoft Drops .Net Name

Posted By: §intå×

Microsoft Drops .Net Name - 01/11/03 12:45 PM

After a long string of naming experiments, Microsoft seems to have decided to drop the .Net name from their upcoming server. In August 2001, the server (originally code-named Whistler) was named Windows .Net Server.

Now they have settled on Windows Server 2003, dropping .Net altogether. Microsoft confirms that this is a change that is expected to take place in many other upcoming products as well.

Analysts approve. "They've had a lot of problem explaining .Net. Putting .Net on products in a willy-nilly way only exacerbates the problem," David Smith says, noting it's only taken MS 2.5 years to come up with a rational way to explain .Net.
Posted By: derezz

Re: Microsoft Drops .Net Name - 01/18/03 04:37 AM

It should be named "Windows NT 6.0". I think my .NET RC1 was version 5.9xxx, or something like that!
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