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Finer Points of the Law

Posted By: Raven

Finer Points of the Law - 07/07/04 10:56 AM

In April, a New York appeals court ruled that Leon Caldwell was entitled to a $50,000 state worker-compensation death benefit on behalf of his son, Kenneth, who died at age 30 at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, even though Leon had abandoned Kenneth shortly after birth and had seen him only twice since. The court said that Leon "met the legal definition of a parent" (but ordered him to pay Kenneth's mother her long-overdue $20,000 in child-support). [New York Daily News, 4-3-04]

This is America: Idiocy is guaranteed smile
Posted By: Red Mage

Re: Finer Points of the Law - 07/08/04 12:37 AM

Yay! Guess this means it's a good time for me to sue that idiot who's window cut me as I broke into his house..
Posted By: Raven

Re: Finer Points of the Law - 07/08/04 09:14 AM

Haha. I believe it's already been done... More than once..
Posted By: weeve

Re: Finer Points of the Law - 07/08/04 01:39 PM

yes as has the o look I fell through your sky light robbing your [censored], and now I'm going to sue you. heh that was in the news. screw lame people, they always get justice, for their wrong doing. nature has a delicate balance, but like gandhi said "all through out history, the way of truth, and love has always won." When I despair...I look toward what others have said, and it gives me energy, power. It gives me what my mind, body, and soul need to keep going.

but yea, ppl like that are jerks;P
Posted By: §intå×

Re: Finer Points of the Law - 07/09/04 07:31 PM


No good dead goes unpunished. This is why I belive in anarchy. True anarchy, not teenaged bombs. We are the only animal on the planet who needs to be lead by a group(Government). Every other animal lives in anarchy. The strongest survive sort of thing. It makes more sense that many of our laws.
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