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Cameron Diaz sex video hits the Web

Posted By: §intå×

Cameron Diaz sex video hits the Web - 07/10/04 09:30 PM

Paris Hilton just got bumped by Cameron Diaz. A steamy, soft-core video session, in which the 'Charlie's Angels' and 'Shrek' star, then 19, appears nude and gets kinky, is rapidly becoming a popular download.

Diaz has tried to keep the footage under wraps. She and the man who filmed it, John Rutter, have been involved in a contentious legal battle over the rights to the video.

Rutter says Diaz signed a valid release form before the footage was filmed. Diaz, however, contends that her signature was forged and also accuses Rutter of trying to blackmail her for millions of dollars in exchange for not releasing the video.

Posted By: Raven

Re: Cameron Diaz sex video hits the Web - 07/12/04 09:46 PM


It's like celebrities forget about these things when they hit it big because they tend to feel immortal, but they always find a way of surfacing. And all it takes is a picture, a taped conversation, or in this case a sex video to bring them down in flames. This is the part where Cameron Diaz blushes and comes up with some sad story about how she was out of money, it was a last resort, blah blah blah...

Then again, any plublicity is good plublicity...
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