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USA Today Pwned By Internet Vandals

Posted By: Curse

USA Today Pwned By Internet Vandals - 07/12/02 12:58 PM

COMPANY EMPLOYEES noticed the altered content and took down the entire site, Anderson said. Everything was back to normal by 2 a.m. ET.
“This is the first time this has happened,” Anderson said, noting has been in operation since 1995.
He said seven separate pages on were hacked.
Other headlines on the hacked home page, viewed by an editor, included: “Oops says the Pope/Christianity a Sham!” and “Deadly viruses online/Easy to get plans, materials via Internet.” An Israeli flag was also inserted atop the home page, but it was not immediately clear that the attack was politically motivated. Anderson said no one had claimed responsibility, and that the headlines on the hacked site suggested the attack was “very prankish.”
There was no immediate indication how the attackers managed to gain control of the site, he said.
“We are looking into various security measures,” Anderson said.
High-profile news sites are a frequent target of hackers. Access to was cut off four years ago as part of a series of Web site attacks that bumped,, and other top Web sites offline. Just a few months ago, was knocked offline by a denial of service attack.
But altering news content has been rare, and raises some disconcerting possibilities. A hacker named Adrian Lamo was able to slightly change a wire service news story on last September, attributing false quotes to President Bush. Lamo said he did it to show how terrorists could create confusion by attacking news services.
And five years ago, protesters supporting popular convicted hacker Kevin Mitnik altered content on the New York Times home page, adding comments that supported Mitnik and criticized a Times reporter.
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: USA Today Pwned By Internet Vandals - 07/12/02 08:05 PM

Did you watch the news video?

The reporter made the H2K2 look like everyone there is there because they wana hack news sites. It looks to me like they kinda twisted an interveiw a bit also. He even put words in Professor Greg Newbies mouth. What he said Greg said, I never heard in the interveiw.
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