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Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped

Posted By: §intå×

Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 06/12/03 06:44 AM

A 19 year old Alachua County college student was raped by a fellow inmate during one of the four weekends the student was sentenced to spend in jail for delivering marijuana. Because the two inmates were charged with felonies, they shared a cell.

Randolph Jackson, a 35 year old man in on sexual battery, is being charged with sexual battery again for allegedly using a ballpoint pen on the teen's neck to have sex with him.

The victim's family informed the prison of what happened but the guards say they did not hear anything going on, despite their cell checks every hour. They say they had to put a week-ender with a hardened felon because the prison was crowded.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 06/13/03 02:47 AM

Grr... points out too many things.

1] Overcrowding of jails. If they have the death sentence, just kill them. We shouldn't pay taxes to provide for them and have jails overcrowded

2] If drugs like marijuana were decriminalized, this could never happen. And the majority of people in the jail, wouldn't have probably been there. Therefor no overcrowding in this case either

I got sent to jail once. I was in a holding cell with someone who beat the hell outta his daughter and wife, a rapist, a gangbanger, and an attempted murderer (stabbed someone). So needless to say, it sucked. And that was before the court date even. I felt violated that I got fingerprinted and mugshot. I had yet to be convicted of anything, let alone subjected to those conditions and people, when I could be innocent.

And I didn't go to court. Why? I don't fear a fine or hours of community service. I just don't feel like becoming someones [censored]. I don't want to get assraped for stealing a CD.
Posted By: ohfuk

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 06/14/03 12:59 AM

i heard that the death sentence costs more for the government then the life sentence because of all the court costs that are required before the green mile
jon, how the [censored] did you end up in jail for stealing a cd? thats only a misdominor, they cant send you to jail for a [censored] misdomenor. my only guess is that you were an [censored] to the cop or something. once i was cought stealing beer, and im under age, and my friend who was stealing the beer with me had pot on him and my dad gave the cops permision to search my car, and they found drugs, AND weapons, and my state inspection sticker was old, and i talked my way out of it and only ended up getting grounded. no criminal charges whatsoever. now surly that is worse then stealing a cd. good manners can get you a long way with the popo
Posted By: Imperial

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 06/14/03 01:44 AM

I believe the figure is roughly 8 million dollars, er maybe 80 million...probably not though anyway, I think that's what it costs the taxpayers for people sentanced to death. why you ask? because we spend all those years they sit there trying to make sure that there is no way they could be innocent. The number of people killed each year I think is like 70 or so, like 400 people or so have been killed since they brought the death penalty back in the 70s I THINK, and maybe 1 or 2 innocent people have been killed...that's just what I think I remember, but it's been awhile since I've looked at any of the figures.

The reasons we can't just kill people sentanced to it are political as well as in the name of fairness and justice, or such is my opinion. We catch so much flack for killing people at this point, if we were to kill and innocent a hundred or so countries would have our [censored] for it. Not to mention that in this country it would go against our beliefs to unjustly kill someone....but my opinion is also that the latter reason is probably not as important as the former to anyone with power...
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 06/14/03 03:47 PM

ohfuk, i don't think they sent him to jail for stealing the cd. he just said he was in a holding cell with those people. there is a difference. i think inmates should be forced to do some sort of job in jail. that way they earn money which is used to feed them and mantain the facilities so that tax payers don't feel the effects.
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 06/14/03 04:17 PM

My bad. I was "in the jail", not to be taken as "in jail" as doing time or such smile . So yeah I was in a holding cell. They hold you their until your arraignment, when you set a court date to be tried. So you can get bailed out or else you stay until the next time the court holds arraignments. I am not positive I am using it correct terms, but I think so.

I would go off on why it bothers me, but that is offtopic. Main point, that kid shouldn't have been in jail, let alone with a violent criminal. Also, the overcrowing situation is asinine.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 06/14/03 04:27 PM

There is a huge difference between being in a holding cell and being sentanced to jail. You can be held for almost anything, but when they decide to charge you with a crime THEN, depending on the crime, you might be sentanced to jail time. When you are first picked up, before they decide what they are going to do with you, you are put into a holding cell. They can hold you up to 48 hours, I believe. This is where jon was most likely. When you get out of there and into the real jail most criminals are seperated. This teen was a drug dealer. The reason he was in jail wasn't for possesion if you read it. He is in jail for delivery, which was probably part of a larger charge which it was dropped down to. In British Columbia and other places where possession of marijuana is decriminalized, selling it is still illegal. So, decriminalizing possession of marijuana wouldn't of helped him.

When you serve jail time you have to pay to be there. When I served my weekends in jail I had to pay $30 a day. Even though I was only in jail for less then 48 hours each weekend they counted it as 3 days. I went in Fridays at 6pm, got out sundays at 12am. $90 every weekend. I was only served 5 meals that couldn't of cost more than $3. If your on work release you can only keep around 10% of your earnings. The jail keeps the rest. Your taxes really aren't going into jails as much as you think.
Posted By: smartyhands

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 09/22/03 05:16 AM

sinetific is right, in the US you can be "held" in jail, usually pending trail, and sometimes for several weeks. To put it a different way, sometimes the "holding tank" is simply the jail. Soooo, yes, you can be "jailed" for misdemeanors, felonies, traffic tickets, and now even peaceful protests in some places.

Prison is another story, and *I think* it is reserved for felons. When I was arrested in Ohio the jail was a 20-person dorm-style room. Most prisons have 1-2 person cells with bars.

One more thing... this is what really pisses me off about the justice system here. ohfuk's story is very typical, police had reason to arrest (and imprison) him, even as a juvenile, yet they did not. This is non-enforcement of the law, like they used to do with inet piracy. This leads everyone to think "well, it's OK, no one is getting arrested for it" and it becomes socially acceptable. Then, when it becomes politically convenient, or when the cops need to fill their quota, they decide to enforce it.

What do you do? ...
Posted By: loanbanker

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 09/22/03 10:45 AM


The kid was 19. Legally he is an adult. He got busted breaking the law. He went to jail. People get raped in jail,, its not a secret. I don't see the big deal here.

Sometimes your with a drunk that cant stop puking and othertimes it some crazy gangbanging crazy [censored] that hates people of whatever race you may be. Bottom line is simple.

Don't get caught breaking the law and you won't get raped in jail.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 09/22/03 10:52 AM

You know what I say? For anything...give em the death penalty. We've got so many people in this world, I don't see anything wrong with getting rid of the bad apples. Somebody kills someone-death penalty. Steal a car-death penalty. Jaywalk-death penalty. Arrest em, convict em, kill em.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 09/22/03 03:30 PM

Perg, you need more balance in your life. People who have done marvelous things for society have also broken some laws. How many Nobel Prize winners have been to jail? There wouldn't be an more revolutionaries, they would all be dead. You can't even begin to think like that until the people making the laws are perfect and the people enforcing the perfect laws are perfect and that will never happen. I wouldn't want to live in the anal-retentive version of society that you are invisioning. Where any slight deviance from the norm would be a punishable offense(by death none the less). The world would not be a better place. I can't believe you would say something like that with a qoute from Samuel Adams in your profile.
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 09/22/03 09:28 PM

"Jaywalk-death penalty"

You insult perg's intelligence by taking that seriously.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 09/23/03 01:38 AM

Well serious or not I fail to find his extreme right rush limbaugh sense of humor and views of the topic very funny. It seemed like a pretty serious straight forward conversation. If those are his views, let him back them up or retract them saying they were merely an attempt at sarcasm. Perg is a big boy, he can handle it. After his last statement, I guess I am insulting his intelligence.

anyways its all in good fun and board activity, perg know's I still love him laugh
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 09/23/03 03:30 AM're so great laugh
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 09/24/03 07:04 AM

honestly, i agre with loanbanker.... u got caught and [censored] happens.
Posted By: dedrater

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 10/30/03 03:15 PM

loanbanker-tell that to the kid who had a [censored] in his [censored]. you don't know, but you could imagine. so take a second to imagine a pen to your neck and a [censored] in your [censored]. pot was criminilized to do what it does send people to jail, employing the jailers and the cops who gleefully carted them to there freedom less existence. jail is bullshit, mostly blacks to further punish the poverty stricken race. it's cause they have giant cocks...shhhhh.
Posted By: ?

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 10/31/03 05:31 AM

damn, this is an old topic.

well, if you do the crime you should do the time, i agree with that. jus in this case it wasn't good to put this kid in jail with a felon. but [censored], I've been in jail before and it truly is survival of the fittest. The kid should have defended himself, an if not possible at that moment, he should've waited on his chance an then beat the [censored] out of that dude instead of running to his mommy and daddy an crying to them about it. Thats so [censored] embarassing, why would he even say anything? maybe he thought it would get him out his jail sentence.
Posted By: Asteos

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 10/31/03 05:38 AM

That makes me so sad. [censored] disgusting.
Posted By: Liam

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 10/31/03 07:29 PM

For [censored] hell, dudes;
of course its disgusting and a [censored] shame what happened to that kid.
But dedrater, what the [censored] kinda rasict [censored] [censored] remark is that? like dude "mostly blacks to further punish the poverty stricken race. it's cause they have giant cocks..." like what the [censored] is that?
Posted By: Disgruntled

Re: Student in Jail for Marijuana Raped - 11/10/03 04:47 AM

Yes ppl do get raped in jail, but that doesn't make it any less of a crime.
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