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Machine Allows People to Inhale Alcohol

Posted By: §intå×

Machine Allows People to Inhale Alcohol - 08/20/04 11:48 PM

On Friday, bars in New York City will have a new device that has already made its debut in Europe and Asia. The name for it is AWOL which stands for Alcohol Without Liquid. The device allows people to inhale an alcoholic mist.

Oxygen and alcohol are mixed by the device to create this mist which the company Spirit Partners says has low calories and low carbohydrates. The company also says that hangovers do not occur. Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano wants a ban.

Spano fears underage drinkers will flock to the machine. Spirit Partners says alcohol from the machine hits the bloodstream quicker but also leaves the body quicker, resulting in a quick buzz. The company says traditional liquor stays longer.

Posted By: Shinobi

Re: Machine Allows People to Inhale Alcohol - 08/22/04 12:30 PM

That is awesome I can see the new addiction now. There are going to be many fights of whos turn it is on the alcohol machine
Posted By: snakebyte

Re: Machine Allows People to Inhale Alcohol - 10/06/04 03:57 AM

uhh...yea makes sense, if you inhale it goes to your lungs...more blood flow, quicker buzz...but how good can crown royal be for your lungs...?
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