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"Linux" makes Extremadura the first "Microsoft-Free" province

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"Linux" makes Extremadura the first "Microsoft-Free" province - 02/24/03 09:01 AM

This news is from 2/16/2003

Vazquez de Miguel,the minister of education, science and technology in an autonomous region of Spain called Extremadura, launched a campaign to change all it's computer systems, in government offices, businesses and private residences to Linux.

Linux is a free alternative for workstations, the goverment of Extremadura developed a version to suit it's needs. The government also invested in a development center that is creating customized software for accounting and other free software for citizens.

No Microsoft software remains in Extremadura, the Extremadura project symbolizes the seriousness of assaults on Microsoft by governments around the world.
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Re: "Linux" makes Extremadura the first "Microsoft-Free" province - 02/24/03 05:12 PM

This is somewhat related, there's an article in this week's BusinessWeek on the linux uprising. has both the article and a special report, which is just a bunch of small articles it seems. <-- Article <-- Special Report
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