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Google Counters PageRank Lawsuit

Posted By: §intå×

Google Counters PageRank Lawsuit - 01/11/03 12:44 PM

Google has filed a petition to dismiss a lawsuit brought against them by online advertising network Search King, who alleges that Google sabotaged their business by removing them from their search listings.

Google maintains that Search King maintained a site designed solely to raise their PageRank, a tool used by Google to determine how popular a site is and what position it gets in their search listings. Artificial inflation of PageRank is not allowed.

"Search King's sole complaint is that Google lowered its PageRank for pages on Search King's site. This action, however, was undertaken by Google because Search King had engaged in behavior that would lower the quality of Google's search results."
Posted By: ninjaneo

Re: Google Counters PageRank Lawsuit - 02/07/03 12:54 AM

/e hides Googler :x
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Google Counters PageRank Lawsuit - 02/07/03 02:32 AM

lol /e rethinks googler...
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