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Nature's Clock Revealed

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Nature's Clock Revealed - 01/11/03 12:54 PM

Scientists have discovered the secret to our internal clocks, the signs given by nature that tell us when to sleep and when to wake up. This internal clock is shared by nearly all living beings, from humans to plant life.

The answer seems to be a two-faced protein. "One 'face' handles cell enlargement. Then the protein 'flips over,' allowing the second face to carry out other activities while cell enlargement rests," Purdue scientists said.

"This could give us new insights into cellular activity, such as cholesterol synthesis, respiration, heart rhythms, response to drugs, sleep, alertness — there's so much," one of the researchers said. This could also mean a cure for jet lag.
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Re: Nature's Clock Revealed - 01/11/03 08:59 PM

The above link points to the wrong story. Here's the correct story:,1176,0-1-1-0-0-news_detail-0-1838,00.html
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