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'Phantom' game console finally unveiled

Posted By: §intå×

'Phantom' game console finally unveiled - 05/13/04 11:43 PM

After becoming the butt of many jokes by gamers who didn't expect ever to see it, the Phantom gaming console, designed to let users play conventional PC games on their TVs, was demonstrated by Infinium Labs at the E3 convention in Los Angeles.

Phantom would be a new twist on traditional game consoles, going for free with a subscription ($29.95 per month) to its service, which would deliver free basic content and downloadable games for sale or rent, and sell for $199 without subscription.

The box will have a 40-gig hard drive, 256 megs ram and run an embedded version of Windows XP. It will have a custom controller and be compatible with surround sound and HDTV. The company also has hackers on its security advisory board. c
Posted By: Chem

Re: 'Phantom' game console finally unveiled - 05/14/04 02:40 AM

Haha, if by "unveiled" you mean you saw a glowing case under a TV with USB ports playing the UT2004 demo, then yes, it was unveiled.

The controls look like cheap pieces of [censored], and Infinium is still the shitty vapoware company it was a month ago.

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

The ammount of things wrong with the [censored] fest of a company Infinium labs is, along with the utter [censored] which the Phantom console truly is, is beyond the scope of my reply. But beleve you me, it's horrible.
Posted By: Brutusthecat

Re: 'Phantom' game console finally unveiled - 05/18/04 10:45 AM

The idea is good but I think since they are pushing the subscription thing they will probably fail like sega tv(I think that was what it was called).
Posted By: dashocker

Re: 'Phantom' game console finally unveiled - 05/19/04 04:50 AM

Game subscriptions = work of Satan. If I buy a game, I want to physically own it. I don't wanna get [censored]-raped every month for "service" fees as well. I'm gonna laugh real hard at you Chem if this thing actually succeeds tho :x
Posted By: Gollum

Re: 'Phantom' game console finally unveiled - 05/19/04 10:57 AM

i would think that if you were a real gamer, looking to play pc games on a tv. you'd just opt for a good video card with an out that hooks to your tv. not to mention. what crapass hardware are they using, that they can sell a gaming pc (as it essentially is) for $199. someone please tell me this is a fake.//
Posted By: dashocker

Re: 'Phantom' game console finally unveiled - 05/20/04 04:11 AM

There are some old posts in the Games forum about it Gollum, but Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) had a little blurb about Phantom again in this month's issue. There are bunch of new systems out there that propose using this kind of system: either running PC games with a console, or having downloadable content.
Posted By: §intå×

Re: 'Phantom' game console finally unveiled - 05/20/04 10:43 AM

[Linked Image]

I will say this. The faces in this room do not look like they are enjoying the gaming going on. Too serious. The controls looks akward to say the least. Now why dosen't someone develop a system to just instal PC games. Maybe make it so the vendor has to release a special version of the game(different size cd or something(keeping profits in mind)). Sell the system at a loss as is done with all systems, Make the money on the games as is the industry standard. The game vendors only have to burn to a different format but use the same code. Easy for them, easy for the system manufacturer.
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