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FarStone Releases New SecurePC Software

Posted By: Phatal

FarStone Releases New SecurePC Software - 04/16/04 11:14 PM

FarStone Technology announced Friday the release of SecurePC 5, an all-in-one security solution that enables users to back up, recover, protect and upgrade their PCs. SecurePC, which complements antivirus software to make PCs 100 percent secure, replaces RestoreIT! in FarStone's security software suite.
"The renaming of the program from RestoreIT! to SecurePC is intended to signify the addition of several new features that provide users with an all-encompassing PC security solution rather than just data recovery," said FarStone CEO Thomas Lin in a recent release. Among the new features in SecurePC is the capability of creating a backup copy of an entire hard drive on CD.

SecurePC is available for for a suggested retail price of $39.99.

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Posted By: Phatal

Re: FarStone Releases New SecurePC Software - 04/16/04 11:17 PM

100% secure WOW! That's revolutionary. :rolleyes:
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