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Technology for Internet Vulnerable

Posted By: §intå×

Technology for Internet Vulnerable - 04/21/04 11:46 PM

The technology for all Internet Traffic has a gigantic serious flaw
in it. Researchers have identified that the TCP protocol can be hacked to trick personal computers and routers into shutting down and resetting the machines remotely.

Paul Vixie of Internet Sys Cons.
states, "It's a significant risk, the larger Internet providers are jumping on this big time. It's really
important this just gets fixed before the bad guys start exploiting it for fun and recognition."

The critical flaw was thought to take 4-124 years to figure out since 4 Billion random numbers are used. It is said that Watson can guess the proper number within four attempts. He says it only takes seconds to do this.

Posted By: Evans

Re: Technology for Internet Vulnerable - 04/22/04 09:31 PM

This is a total invasion of privacy! I mean really what a load of crap. Just allowing some third party company to read through everyone on it's networks e-mail, and instant messaging. I'm sorry not read "look for finger print" God I hate the governement
Posted By: weeve

Re: Technology for Internet Vulnerable - 04/23/04 03:26 PM

isn't the goverment really that third party company though? Reading, watching, "for our own good". Via military, and intra-goverment structure. Like the nsa/cia, etc.

Having contol over things...well to give a SMALL example the NSA's current control over The "Voyage Manuscript". It's just gonna grow. Comercial hold, on a corrupt Government that feeds it's stupid masses, bullshit, esp being that the media latches onto this. As they grow dumber, lazier, and weaker. Heh...what can we do but wine? Until some people really make a change. Not through force, or through weak means. A real lasting change.

Terrorism sucks before. Freakin fearing, evil, half-assing, bastards. It won't do [censored] but get attension. Like idiots, attension getting freaks, that can't have enough. Damn vampires. Well thus comes in "The World is A Vampire".
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