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Study: GM Fish Bad for Environment

Posted By: §intå×

Study: GM Fish Bad for Environment - 02/27/04 08:59 AM

Biologist Rick Howard and his team looked at transgenic fish to see what happened when they mated. Earlier studies have focused on how genetic modification affects food products. This one focused on how a species is affected.

The results of the study showed that the heavier genetically modified males mated three times more and their offspring was less likely to make it to adulthood. This could lead to types of fish disappearing as generations of fish pass on.

Howard says "Though altering animals' genes can be good for humans in the short run, it may prove catastrophic for nature in the long run if not done with care. And we don't know just what kind of care is necessary yet, or how much."

Posted By: jonconley

Re: Study: GM Fish Bad for Environment - 02/27/04 10:53 AM

Here is another amusing fish story about flying fish that were brought into US,reach over 70lbs, and attack noisy boats

Posted By: dashocker

Re: Study: GM Fish Bad for Environment - 02/28/04 07:50 AM

And THAT ladies and gentleman is why I don't eat fish...or any water creature for that matter :x
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